The P r e s e n t ! / A Reflection Of The Past .

Try to make the present time honorable because soon it will become your Past.


These  humble  thoughts   are  a passage  from my published book ((  the Silence  )) . Its undisputed reality that our Present time will become our PAST with every passing moment.Can it (the present) be enhanced with humaneness, real substance , delightful memories , forgiveness , laughter, patience , gratitude , humility , thoughtfulness, love , courage , generosity , sincerity , and self edification ? otherwise regrets , blame, self pity sorrow won’t do any good to correct or to revise the faults or change the inevitable fate , because the train already passed by.

(  Your present will become your past try to make it honorable , let it  shine  like a morning star. ) e.mail–Website.Http://

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The Age Of Customize ! / Genuine Substance .

Its not the appearance or the looks that set human beings apart but what they contain inside.


The world is changing around us with lighting speed.More people are becoming so depended on technology and electronics ,they are forgetting their human side!

I – We are living in an age every thing is almost customized,

Customized clothes by designers to fit the creed.

Homes to accommodate the maximum need.

According to wild desires of a certain class,

Everything is possible with lies and cheat.

Even cars with special customized features  and speed.

II – Customized cosmetics and perfumes

for the elite who can’t even write or read.

Plastic surgeries ,face,nose,lips to smooth the tweed.

Sports are customized to win the prize with dope and lead .

III- Today doctors are customizing babies to improve the breed.

Vegetables and fruits are customized even rice and the wheat.

Can they customize a heart that rejects hate and greed ?

Appearances are everything today,

The inside is worthless as long its…

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Silence Is Gold ! / Necessity.

My book the ,”silence”was published in two version Arabic and English.It contains thoughts , my humble perception of life,why we were chosen to be born in this world ? and the importance of silence in our daily lives.(1) Silence is a precious commodity the many don’t appreciate. (2) Silence expresses determination to safe guard the secrecy that protects fates.(3) Silence is courage,strength,sacrifice, and utmost necessity in certain situations. (4) Silence is a path to spiritual meditation and serenity (5) If talking is weighed with silver silence is weighed with gold.(6) Silence accompanies humans when they are born , asleep and when they depart this plant of ours.

Maintenance Required ! / Constantly ! / First And Foremost.

Its so peculiar that most people are so careful when it comes to maintain their houses ,equipments and their cars.But when it comes to their family relation,friendship and personal relations they forsake the maintenance that is needed .They seem to forget how important it is to show tenderness,kindness and graciousness to those who are close to them.That is why the G a p s between family members and between people themselves are widening by the

Lady Glamor ! / Infatuation .

l know my friend you are like the many .You are afraid of the end.No matter how old you get ,even in your golden age you are still in love with your Life,you still haven’t had enough.You are attached to your world and to what you have.Like a lover infatuated with his enchanting Lady who is about to depart for ever leave.You refuse to admit there is an end.You refuse to accept the reality my Friend.

( jmsabbagh86@gmail.com )

Reflection Of A Faith ! /

( 1 ) Why there are no Christians ,Jews , Hindu ,or Baddhist suicide bombers ? Because their faith Prohibits the killing of the innocents.There is no cause what so ever can justify this hideous crime.No Dogma,no Faith,no Doctrine,no religion,no Belief and no Law.Those who blow up themselves to ruin the lives and souls of their victims are voiding kindness and mercy.Their hearts are made of stone and their minds are made of nothingness.
( 2 ) Seeking Martyrdom by shedding innocent blood is a cowardly act.Kidnapping ,terrorists attacks,hijacking planes,and beheading hostages are not the path to make a statement or to achieve an objection .The Civilized world is feed up by violence.Thousand been murdered out of ignorance,hate and rage.Since 1972 Olympic games-Munich massacre ,those who committed the terrorist attack failed to liberate Palestine and still are.They should follow Mahatma Gandhi’s (1869-1948) none violence movement.This preeminent leader was able to free India from the British Rule without shedding one drop of British Blood.

First Discipline ! / Then Genius Emerges .

The great inventors , artists , philosophers, scientists ,innovators first they learned their trade then the genius in them emerged . Purposeless living leads to emptiness . It is an illusion to try to succeed without laying the foundation . (( jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))