Mothers Taxi Drivers ? / Valedictorian ! / Superficiality !

Mothers for the majority of kids in our time are taxi drivers . Mothers drive their sons and daughters to the schools , to the music lessons , to sport practices  and games ,to dance and ballet lessons ,to the movies ,and to give rides to the many friends . Do these children show their gratefulness to their mothers by saying “thank you “? Do they ever appreciate their mothers sacrifices ? It doesn’t matter whether these loving and dedicated mothers are tired or even sick.

Do mothers stop and think .”Why their Children are engaging in so many activities ” ?  ” Why they are socializing too much “? Isn’t it enough that these kids have all these electronics devices for entertainment at home ? Do mothers think whether these activities are helping their kids education and their schooling  achievement ?  Do these activities have value to help the kids to plan for the college they want to attend ?  Or to become a Valedictorian , to get scholarships . Is one of them is going to give the valedictory address at commencement ?

Beside ,  are these activities help the children to build morality and spirituality ? O r   s u p e r f i c i a l i t y  is dominating the present time and our way of living ?

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