G a z e Oh My Heart ! / Splendor.

Look ,  oh my heart how beautiful is the world !

Look , how Gorgeous  its  with   L  O  V  E   !

Look at nature’s wonders  and  B e h o l d  .

The sky , the sea , the days and the nights ,

Look at the stars and at the Moon ,

Look at the  S p l e n d o r  they  hold !

Oh my heart tell me ,have you ever seen ,

The Moon shining   but  for the loving ones ?

Who are vigil waiting to meet ,to hold hands .

Have you ever seen a wishing star that doesn’t ,

Bring cheerful news but for the yearning hearts ?

Have you ever seen the zenith of blissfulness ,

Except in those  l o v e r s  E y e s ?

No more waiting ,no more sorrows ,no more ,

Tears , oh my heart we are in love.

Look ,the whole Universe is cheering around us.

(( J.M.Sabbagh- https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com ))

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