Religion Is To Be Free ! / It Is Not Imprisonment. / New Message.

l don’t know who is going to read this post ? who is going to pass it  by ? Who will click  like it ? Who will ponder about it ? Who will reevaluate his thinking ? Who will ignore it or even resent it ? Who will talk about it ? Who will love it ? B U T  l know  on thing for certain  1  1 / 3  of  the world population is living in total darkness . They know nothing about the rest of the world . No technology what so ever . l hope heartily someone will make the difference.

( 1 )   Religion is a person to be the  master of his own destiny . ( 2 )   Religion is to be free to pursue happiness with dignity. ( 3 )  Religion is to promote justice , decency , and equality. ( 4 ) Religion is to have the right to love whom you want to spend your life with and whom you want to marry . ( 5 )   Religion is not to be sold like a slave with sum of money they call it dowry . ( 6 )   Religion is not to pour oil money by the wealthy to erect  buildings to recruit the naive , to entice them to commit hideous atrocities . ( 7 )   Religion is not to bend ,to obey blindly or  to be submissive unconditionally . ( 8 )  Religion is not to promote hate  and partiality . ( 9 )  Religion is not to subject people to lies to follow stone age rituals and sorcery .  ( 10 )  Religion suppose to be the culmination of peace ,harmony , love , happiness , sweetness , beauty , faithfulness , and honesty . (11 ) A Religion that doesn’t presages  new Message to benefit the humankind and respects the life of every human being it is not a religion .

(( to reason and to question is the only way to unfold ambiguity .jmsabbagh86@gmail - ))


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