My Love Who Might She Be ? / My Petite Love Part 2.

The poem was sang by the late renowned Egyptian singer A.H. Hafiz .He was a master performer . His euphony was fascinating. His ingenuity for expressing emotions and  feelings  was unique.

I — My colleagues and friends are confused ‘

They are wondering,asking with curious attitude.

Pondering ,whispering eager to know ‘

Who my sweetheart might be.

They are imagining things and things ‘

Naming names impatiently .

All their efforts are in vain.

Like hot air that been fused.

They are frustrated ,madly bemused.

Desperately they want to know who my princess is ?

Answering them definitely l refused.

II–Don’t worry my petite love  , don’t be afraid ,

Rest assured ,with nothingness they will be consumed.

l will never reveal who you are ,

Secretive  million times l been accused .

As l am assertive for my longevity ,my life

So l am assertive to keep you a secret as long l am alive.

You are safe hidden in my very essence.

Let them whisper ,ponder and strife.

(( Those who are afflicted  with envy   , jealousy and doubt ,will never sleep at night .They will never be happy ,they will never be satisfied  .))


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