K i n g s Value a Person Who Speaks the Truth !! / What about us ?

If any one would  seriously and sincerely  read the live and biography of every prophet and messenger , Christ  is the only messenger who began his

teaching by saying.” l tell you the truth. ” ” the  truth  l  tell  you.” He always offered truthful  promises and some times he would say hard truths.

He didn’t tell the people what they wanted to hear or like always , but he never failed to tell them what they needed to heed.

He was decisively honest when he spoke to the people .

(( Christ is the truth and the only truth.He who have ears let him hear.He who can see let him read . He who understands let him  P o n d e r .  Jalal Michael

Sabbagh ))  jmsabbagh86@gmail.com  – https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

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