Ponder ! / Reconsider ! / Masks.

He is a devout provider for his family . He works hard and takes his responsibility very seriously . He seems busy always .Most of the time he is at meetings ,traveling ,playing golf  or marketing new products to the consumers.

His son came to him when he was about to leave the house on a business tripe and asked him.”Dad how much do you make per hour”? ” Why do you ask boy ?”I make a hundred dollars per hour.”He said it harshly.

” Dad l need a fifty dollars .” ” Boy don’t I give you your allowance every week ?” then  he thought to himself”probably he needs the fifty dollars to buy himself something he likes.” He went to his son’s room,opened his wallet and  handed his son the fifty dollars bill.

The son took the bill walked to his desk opened a drawer and got another fifty dollar bill.” here dad one hundred dollars , can l  B U Y  One Hour  of your time “?

(( Its time to remove the mask off the faces and be what one is supposed to be.A father , a mother, a sister , a brother , a son , a daughter , a friend , a husband , a wife. To be oneself  without Make -ups. )) jmsabbagh86@gmail.com-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com



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