Mothers Taxi Drivers ? / Valedictorian ! / Superficiality !

Mothers for the majority of kids in our time are taxi drivers . Mothers drive their sons and daughters to the schools , to the music lessons , to sport practices  and games ,to dance and ballet lessons ,to the movies ,and to give rides to the many friends . Do these children show their gratefulness to their mothers by saying “thank you “? Do they ever appreciate their mothers sacrifices ? It doesn’t matter whether these loving and dedicated mothers are tired or even sick.

Do mothers stop and think .”Why their Children are engaging in so many activities ” ?  ” Why they are socializing too much “? Isn’t it enough that these kids have all these electronics devices for entertainment at home ? Do mothers think whether these activities are helping their kids education and their schooling  achievement ?  Do these activities have value to help the kids to plan for the college they want to attend ?  Or to become a Valedictorian , to get scholarships . Is one of them is going to give the valedictory address at commencement ?

Beside ,  are these activities help the children to build morality and spirituality ? O r   s u p e r f i c i a l i t y  is dominating the present time and our way of living ?

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G a z e Oh My Heart ! / Splendor.

Look ,  oh my heart how beautiful is the world !

Look , how Gorgeous  its  with   L  O  V  E   !

Look at nature’s wonders  and  B e h o l d  .

The sky , the sea , the days and the nights ,

Look at the stars and at the Moon ,

Look at the  S p l e n d o r  they  hold !

Oh my heart tell me ,have you ever seen ,

The Moon shining   but  for the loving ones ?

Who are vigil waiting to meet ,to hold hands .

Have you ever seen a wishing star that doesn’t ,

Bring cheerful news but for the yearning hearts ?

Have you ever seen the zenith of blissfulness ,

Except in those  l o v e r s  E y e s ?

No more waiting ,no more sorrows ,no more ,

Tears , oh my heart we are in love.

Look ,the whole Universe is cheering around us.

(( J.M.Sabbagh- ))

Religion Is To Be Free ! / It Is Not Imprisonment. / New Message.

l don’t know who is going to read this post ? who is going to pass it  by ? Who will click  like it ? Who will ponder about it ? Who will reevaluate his thinking ? Who will ignore it or even resent it ? Who will talk about it ? Who will love it ? B U T  l know  on thing for certain  1  1 / 3  of  the world population is living in total darkness . They know nothing about the rest of the world . No technology what so ever . l hope heartily someone will make the difference.

( 1 )   Religion is a person to be the  master of his own destiny . ( 2 )   Religion is to be free to pursue happiness with dignity. ( 3 )  Religion is to promote justice , decency , and equality. ( 4 ) Religion is to have the right to love whom you want to spend your life with and whom you want to marry . ( 5 )   Religion is not to be sold like a slave with sum of money they call it dowry . ( 6 )   Religion is not to pour oil money by the wealthy to erect  buildings to recruit the naive , to entice them to commit hideous atrocities . ( 7 )   Religion is not to bend ,to obey blindly or  to be submissive unconditionally . ( 8 )  Religion is not to promote hate  and partiality . ( 9 )  Religion is not to subject people to lies to follow stone age rituals and sorcery .  ( 10 )  Religion suppose to be the culmination of peace ,harmony , love , happiness , sweetness , beauty , faithfulness , and honesty . (11 ) A Religion that doesn’t presages  new Message to benefit the humankind and respects the life of every human being it is not a religion .

(( to reason and to question is the only way to unfold ambiguity .jmsabbagh86@gmail - ))

The Book ,” Captive In Iran ” ! / Perseverance.

A real story of two courageous  and  intelligent   Iranian women . Maryam  Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh they converted to Christianity  after reading the Gospel and believing in Jesus Christ the true savior . Both women endured the brutality and inhuman torture of the fanatic religious regime in Iran . They were jailed in the notorious Tehran Prison .The two women lived the horror of the Iranian  religious leaders who persecuted them and threatened  to execute them if they don’t denounce Jesus and Christianity . (( According  to the religious laws in the Middle – East ,Iran , and the Arab countries ,anyone who wants to covert to Christianity would be liable to be put to death .)) the fearless women refused and defied the threats . They confessed decisively that they are willing to die for the love of Jesus Christ and the true belief. The power of darkness and unjust in Iran was defeated . The women were rescued by the international human rights groups .They left Iran safely. Their testimony of their courage and ordeal is embodied in their book , ” Captive in Iran ” which been published recently in the U S A .

( Knowing Jesus is like owning a precious diamond . He who owns this diamond will never trades it for a piece of a rock. )

F a i t h . (De’anaa)

Faith is the source of infinite happiness that springs from within.


Faith culminates in every smiling face.

In every passionate mother’s caress.

In every loving and affectionate embrace .

In every loving heart that says Yes.

In the innocence of every child’s amaze.

In those who provide the sick,

and the needy with aid in so many ways.

In those who heal the wound,

In those who preserve life.

In those who bring joy to the others,

Not misery, hurt and grieve.

The magnitude of our desperation for faith,

Is overwhelming to conceive.

Success is an output of faith.

Happiness resonate with faith.

Victory is always a prove to ones faith.

In man’s productivity and faithfulness,

His real salvation remains.

Ultimately he strives to achieve.

J.M. Sabbagh-

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Perpetual Hope For All Ages ! / Inspiring Youth day 2013.

My thoughts this very instant for those who have rejected the Gospel and left the faith behind them in  O b l i v i o n . May they be awakened  to look into their hearts and examine their conscience to find out what is the purpose of being alive . On July 28 , 2013 three and a half Million youth gathered in Rio de  Janeiro – Brazil from all over the world for the annual youth day in the presence of Pope Francis to glorify our belief in the  L o r d  of light and peace . Our F a i t h  is in good hands for a brighter tomorrow . Our youth are our  P e r p e t u a l  inspiring source for all ages. ( )