G a z e Oh My Heart ! / Splendor.

Look ,  oh my heart how beautiful is the world !

Look , how Gorgeous  its  with   L  O  V  E   !

Look at nature’s wonders  and  B e h o l d  .

The sky , the sea , the days and the nights ,

Look at the stars and at the Moon ,

Look at the  S p l e n d o r  they  hold !

Oh my heart tell me ,have you ever seen ,

The Moon shining   but  for the loving ones ?

Who are vigil waiting to meet ,to hold hands .

Have you ever seen a wishing star that doesn’t ,

Bring cheerful news but for the yearning hearts ?

Have you ever seen the zenith of blissfulness ,

Except in those  l o v e r s  E y e s ?

No more waiting ,no more sorrows ,no more ,

Tears , oh my heart we are in love.

Look ,the whole Universe is cheering around us.

(( J.M.Sabbagh- https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com ))

F a i t h . (De’anaa)

Faith is the source of infinite happiness that springs from within.


Faith culminates in every smiling face.

In every passionate mother’s caress.

In every loving and affectionate embrace .

In every loving heart that says Yes.

In the innocence of every child’s amaze.

In those who provide the sick,

and the needy with aid in so many ways.

In those who heal the wound,

In those who preserve life.

In those who bring joy to the others,

Not misery, hurt and grieve.

The magnitude of our desperation for faith,

Is overwhelming to conceive.

Success is an output of faith.

Happiness resonate with faith.

Victory is always a prove to ones faith.

In man’s productivity and faithfulness,

His real salvation remains.

Ultimately he strives to achieve.

J.M. Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

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Perpetual Hope For All Ages ! / Inspiring Youth day 2013.

My thoughts this very instant for those who have rejected the Gospel and left the faith behind them in  O b l i v i o n . May they be awakened  to look into their hearts and examine their conscience to find out what is the purpose of being alive . On July 28 , 2013 three and a half Million youth gathered in Rio de  Janeiro – Brazil from all over the world for the annual youth day in the presence of Pope Francis to glorify our belief in the  L o r d  of light and peace . Our F a i t h  is in good hands for a brighter tomorrow . Our youth are our  P e r p e t u a l  inspiring source for all ages. (jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ) https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

H e a r t i l y Reminder ! / Mere Mortals ! /Imminent .

In this age of atomic and cosmic advancement , achievement  and modern evolutions ,  G O D   has been pushed to the background ,to the rear  e n d .

Individualism , selfishness , narcissism and atheism are the  putrefaction of the many in our society in nowadays. They are defying decency , fairness,family values and spirituality.

The incomprehensible decline in church attendance  by the many ,to spend quality time with their children ,to face their inner self  and to listen to the creator, is pitiful.

They are worshiping the modern electronics and the internet. The computers are becoming their  other self . These are the  S i g n s   that  the  E N D  of our earthly existence  is  I m m i n e n t

(( God  ardent for the human race to return to his mercy.He is yearning to pardon  us unconditionally so we can soar with joy heavenward .))   Wishing everyone of you ,blissful time and success.  (   jmsabbagh86@gmail.com -http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress,com )

My Love Who Might She Be ? / My Petite Love Part 2.

The poem was sang by the late renowned Egyptian singer A.H. Hafiz .He was a master performer . His euphony was fascinating. His ingenuity for expressing emotions and  feelings  was unique.

I — My colleagues and friends are confused ‘

They are wondering,asking with curious attitude.

Pondering ,whispering eager to know ‘

Who my sweetheart might be.

They are imagining things and things ‘

Naming names impatiently .

All their efforts are in vain.

Like hot air that been fused.

They are frustrated ,madly bemused.

Desperately they want to know who my princess is ?

Answering them definitely l refused.

II–Don’t worry my petite love  , don’t be afraid ,

Rest assured ,with nothingness they will be consumed.

l will never reveal who you are ,

Secretive  million times l been accused .

As l am assertive for my longevity ,my life

So l am assertive to keep you a secret as long l am alive.

You are safe hidden in my very essence.

Let them whisper ,ponder and strife.

(( Those who are afflicted  with envy   , jealousy and doubt ,will never sleep at night .They will never be happy ,they will never be satisfied  .))


My Petite Love . / Ya Sagherati. / Precious .

loving the body and the appearance will wither but loving the soul and the core is infinite. Jalal Michael Sabbagh


Oh my adorable petite love don’t tremble

Don’t be scared,l beg you don’t cry.

Don’t be anxious ,don’t hasten your fate,

l implore you for the sake of the heavenly sky.

My young love listen to me don’t ask why?

The love vessel will come,believe me ,it’s near by.

Be joyful my little girl, you are more precious ‘

To me than all the treasures even my eye.

You crown my heart whether you are far or nigh.

Rest assure ,be at ease ,smile ,dance don’t be shy.

Definitely tomorrow will bring  a new day,

with hope even the impossible you can defy.

Waiting  for dreams to come true is hard to bear,

Please be patient ,don’t rush ,reprieve.

Don’t deluge in your crowding thoughts’

You know they  penetrate my heart like a spear.

Sailing  in deep ocean of love  is  unpredictable risk,

Hold tied to our hope don’t let…

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Happiness ! / No More Dismay.


l wish l have a thousand hearts to love everyone lives on this planet of ours.

l wish l could sing on their beats an affectionate tone to open every closed seal.

l wish l can wipe off everyone’s sorrows and tears ,might help the wounds to heal.

l wish l can invent a wondrous mean to change despair to hope , misery to joy,

Enmity to friendship , distance to closeness , resentment to acceptance and likeable .

l wish l can find a remedy to cure the lonely , the depressed , the addict and the ill.

l wish l own that magic wand to touch everyone to forget the hurt they feel.

l wish l can convince those who doubt the human goodness  is alive and real.

That there is an end for everything ,that we are pilgrims on a journey ‘s will .

(( Wishes do come true if we have faith.If we have faith we can move mountains to be planted in the s e a .))

jmsabbagh86@gmail.com -https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

K i n g s Value a Person Who Speaks the Truth !! / What about us ?

If any one would  seriously and sincerely  read the live and biography of every prophet and messenger , Christ  is the only messenger who began his

teaching by saying.” l tell you the truth. ” ” the  truth  l  tell  you.” He always offered truthful  promises and some times he would say hard truths.

He didn’t tell the people what they wanted to hear or like always , but he never failed to tell them what they needed to heed.

He was decisively honest when he spoke to the people .

(( Christ is the truth and the only truth.He who have ears let him hear.He who can see let him read . He who understands let him  P o n d e r .  Jalal Michael

Sabbagh ))  jmsabbagh86@gmail.com  – https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com