Chasing A P h a n t o m ! / H a p p i n e s s !

Throughout our existence seeking happiness which we humans desire and thirst to achieve through ( 1  ) Wealth . ( 2 ) Pleasure . ( 3 ) Power . ( 4 )  Fame . ( 5 ) Substances and drugs. Despite these things being real, they are temporary . Eventually they wither with the passing time. Why then the majority of us persist on wasting their lives c h a s i n g  a phantom ???

Real happiness springs from within , for being able to promote the essentials ,peace ,harmony , reconciliation , self content and the path to real infinite life where happiness dwells. Great many people in nowadays consider these essentials are  i r r e l e v a n t . They are drowning in an ocean of uncertainty .They defy reality and insist on living in their own self made P h a n t o m .

((( fix your thoughts on what is true , honorable and right.Think about things that are pure ,lovely and admirable.Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise: Phillippians 4:8 )))

T h e C h i l d r e n ! / Morning breath.

The children are angels of innocence and pure delight . they are the sweet soft morning ‘s breaths the long waited spring after a severe cold winter.They are the water that flows through the branches veins to produce fresh green leaves ,buds and blossoms.Where birds build their nests to welcome their new chicks.They are the fruits that nurture the body and the aroma that  nourishes  the soul. They are the tree’s shade under which the tired ones take rest and find refuge .(JMS)

((( there are three things that  w i l l  endure  – Faith – Hope  – and Love. The greatest of these is  L o v e . Corinthians 13 : 13  ))) God bless the children everywhere , they are our children and  our grandchildren.(jmsabbagh86@gmail.com_ )