Spring Day ! / Enchantment.

On a spring day the camels were moving leisurely in the sandy desert under the warming sun ,Hoping to reach a pasturage oasis soon.

The herdsmen were ridding the bare camels backs.They looked like flock of eagles crossing the space and dreaming of the new dew.

They filled the desert with their rhythmic intonation that invigorated the camels to hasten and dance.One lonely kite was above them in the air joined the captivating festivity and began to sing along.

Before sunset the caravan arrived at the fecund oasis where trees ,shades and refreshing  water awaiting them.The night was locking the desert with its

majestic moon and stars.The shepherds began to erect the tents and watching the women preparing a  succulent feast for  everyone .(jmsabbagh86@gmail.com-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

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