Accolades ! / Awards . / Virtues .

Being  good , loving , peace advocate , compassionate  , humble  and  indulgent  are the greatest virtues of all.These virtues summon every belief and by-pass any age span or differences . This is the beauty for being a decent human being . Despite the earthly rules and regulations . Despite skin colors ,looks and statures . l believe firmly nothing can make a human being what he is except his actions , reactions , what he utters from his mouth , what he feels in his heart and what he thinks in his mind.

Today July 19, 2013 ,a special young lady Blogger nominated me for two blog Awards.She is ( white pearl-Lalarukh1) story-of-cute-family)) “l have nominated you for two Awards to tell you how much l love your Blog .” Her words are very gracious which moved me heartily to write this post .Hoping it will reach each and every  reader out there through the internet.

If  you read Lalarukh’s (white pearl) about specially her philosophy about life, you will fall in love with her attitude .You will feel her sincerity ,transparency and modesty. You will appreciate her uniqueness .

The two Awards l was nominated for are: (1)I am part of word press family Award.(2) Best moment Award. l would like to nominate all the 1,170 followers of my blog for these Awards.l am humbled by their support, friendship and encouragement.(

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