Beauty Of Art ! / Human desire.

l dedicate these thoughts to those who love art and appreciate art in their lives . Art overcomes  Stress , depression , despair and dismay.

The  A r t  that can self excitation for beauty  is  H e a v e n   itself  . The Heaven that mankind dream of since dreaming was ever known  , since Humanity opened the doors for the civilized culture . If  A r t  can control our senses ,our world can escape all destructive behavior and means. The world would be ready to inter a new era to worship what is peaceful , charming , pure , and majestic . The world would be ready to pray and sing praises for the gift of  A r t , where serenity and love meet in the voices which announce new Birth .

(( Everyone who planted the seed and everyone who harvested the crop will celebrate together .  John  4:36 )) (–Http:// )

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