Chasing A P h a n t o m ! / H a p p i n e s s !

Throughout our existence seeking happiness which we humans desire and thirst to achieve through ( 1  ) Wealth . ( 2 ) Pleasure . ( 3 ) Power . ( 4 )  Fame . ( 5 ) Substances and drugs. Despite these things being real, they are temporary . Eventually they wither with the passing time. Why then the majority of us persist on wasting their lives c h a s i n g  a phantom ???

Real happiness springs from within , for being able to promote the essentials ,peace ,harmony , reconciliation , self content and the path to real infinite life where happiness dwells. Great many people in nowadays consider these essentials are  i r r e l e v a n t . They are drowning in an ocean of uncertainty .They defy reality and insist on living in their own self made P h a n t o m .

((( fix your thoughts on what is true , honorable and right.Think about things that are pure ,lovely and admirable.Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise: Phillippians 4:8 )))


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