E s s e n c e ! / Heart’s foresight .

I f  you have two loafs of bread , sell one of the two and buy a bouquet of flowers for the one you love.

If there are those who will laugh at you , then  know my friend . They are like trees with out branches.

They are like branches without leaves . They are like wax  lilies without fragrance .

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Spring Day ! / Enchantment.

On a spring day the camels were moving leisurely in the sandy desert under the warming sun ,Hoping to reach a pasturage oasis soon.

The herdsmen were ridding the bare camels backs.They looked like flock of eagles crossing the space and dreaming of the new dew.

They filled the desert with their rhythmic intonation that invigorated the camels to hasten and dance.One lonely kite was above them in the air joined the captivating festivity and began to sing along.

Before sunset the caravan arrived at the fecund oasis where trees ,shades and refreshing  water awaiting them.The night was locking the desert with its

majestic moon and stars.The shepherds began to erect the tents and watching the women preparing a  succulent feast for  everyone .(jmsabbagh86@gmail.com-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

I d e n t i t y ! / F a m i l y .

Today more than ever the many are searching for real identity to feel a positive sense of belonging in our modern society.

It is not who is your family anymore ? it is who  you  are ? the culture of different ages could change dramatically and suddenly without any warnings.

Day after day cultures are drifting away , what was acceptable then nowadays its not, and its out dated.

As member of a society an individual ought to prepare himself to accept  R e s p o n s i b i l i t y  not to blame his family.The family does so much for so long , the rest is up to the individual to decide .

In all cases two things remain the same in every place and in every time. ( 1 )  Every human heart longs to be happy. ( 2 )  Every  person wants to be successful .

It is essential to remember that each one of us has a mission in this earthly life . We weren’t born arbitrary . No matter what our situation is we must accept our circumstances to the fullest.

H a p p i n e s s   is made , it is not given. Happiness demands hard work  and sincerity . Obtaining happiness doesn’t come between day and night .It needs determination and dedication.

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Infatuation ! / Phoenix.

Love’s affection in the Arabian desert living captivates the deepest senses . Loving a woman transcends the point of worshiping and adoring.

Infatuated poets depict their passion like the phoenix trying to reach the threshold of the skies before he is exhausted ,before he dies.

Their souls seems to be in existence as the vast universe . As long their hearts beat ,as long they are with sentiment filled with love.

A poet is like a sparrow ,but he doesn’t know what the birds lives go through every day.Birds are wanderers despite being free in the fast skies.

A poet suffers the agony of loving a woman who doesn’t loves him or fathom his feelings of hopelessness , remoteness , strangeness

and solicitude .

My love you are not getting nearer,

And l can’t get any closer to you.

I am like a chick in child’s palm .

He can’t perceive the chick’s pain,

When he squeezes her between his fingers.

The chick tastes the bitterness of death,

While he is amused with his game.

He doesn’t know what he is doing or why?

And the chick has no feathers ,

To set herself free and F l y .



It is very hard to build bridges , but it is very easy to burn them down.


Give up envy ,hate,lies and deceit?

The core of our so called civilized

societies corruption beside the greed!

To wish his opponent peace,when they meet?

Give up narcissism,deviation and cheat?

To help the weak when they are in need?

Not to let them be consumed to fleet!

To see the hungry starve while’

the luscious food enjoys to eat!

Give up one set of the two rules he holds,

The bitter one for the others ,but for

himself he implies the s w e e t!

Give up his partiality toward winning  and defeat?

Build for himself a mansion ,but refuses

his brother to own even a shaky suite!

Give up pride ,falsehood and with

Kindness the others treat?

Stop burning the wheat and the weed,

it is wise to separate the two

before igniting the heat.

Give up gossip,critique and adoring the power seat?

To stand up for justice…

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Accolades ! / Awards . / Virtues .

Being  good , loving , peace advocate , compassionate  , humble  and  indulgent  are the greatest virtues of all.These virtues summon every belief and by-pass any age span or differences . This is the beauty for being a decent human being . Despite the earthly rules and regulations . Despite skin colors ,looks and statures . l believe firmly nothing can make a human being what he is except his actions , reactions , what he utters from his mouth , what he feels in his heart and what he thinks in his mind.

Today July 19, 2013 ,a special young lady Blogger nominated me for two blog Awards.She is ( white pearl-Lalarukh1) http://foodpeopleloveandstuff.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/the story-of-cute-family)) “l have nominated you for two Awards to tell you how much l love your Blog .” Her words are very gracious which moved me heartily to write this post .Hoping it will reach each and every  reader out there through the internet.

If  you read Lalarukh’s (white pearl) about specially her philosophy about life, you will fall in love with her attitude .You will feel her sincerity ,transparency and modesty. You will appreciate her uniqueness .

The two Awards l was nominated for are: (1)I am part of word press family Award.(2) Best moment Award. l would like to nominate all the 1,170 followers of my blog for these Awards.l am humbled by their support, friendship and encouragement.(jmsabbagh86@gmail.com) https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Clouds And Waves !

The evening was velvety.The clouds were at the edge of the horizon . At times their colors were violet and at other times their colors change to the colors of Lilies and Lapis Lazuli . The waves of the clouds in my small village are similar to the ocean’s waves .They renew themselves continually even though their  moves  are  much  slower  and  more  splendid . They give a sad  Soul the feeling of drowning in a lake  of  Ecstasy.(jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ) ( https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com. )

Beauty Of Art ! / Human desire.

l dedicate these thoughts to those who love art and appreciate art in their lives . Art overcomes  Stress , depression , despair and dismay.

The  A r t  that can self excitation for beauty  is  H e a v e n   itself  . The Heaven that mankind dream of since dreaming was ever known  , since Humanity opened the doors for the civilized culture . If  A r t  can control our senses ,our world can escape all destructive behavior and means. The world would be ready to inter a new era to worship what is peaceful , charming , pure , and majestic . The world would be ready to pray and sing praises for the gift of  A r t , where serenity and love meet in the voices which announce new Birth .

(( Everyone who planted the seed and everyone who harvested the crop will celebrate together .  John  4:36 )) ( jmsabbagh86@gmail.com–Http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com )

Love And Peace .

Treating the others like we want them to treat us ,is the only way to live in peace.Jalal Michael Sabbagh


Where ever there is love there is peace,

Where ever there is no love there is no peace.

All efforts for reconciliation definitely  cease.

In our human terms which are based upon yours an mine,

Peace simply is something we can’t define.

When did our fragile  world saw peace reign?

Without honest intentions resolutions won’t have a spine.

It sounds like wanting to produce  wine  without a vine.

So many tried to plant the seed,

So many plucked it out ,out of greed.

Since Adam and Eve,man seeks his will,

to invade,burgle,conquer and kill.

Even Prophets failed to avoid the blood not to spill.

Families are turn apart each other wanting to demise,

Despite the pain,misery,sadness and lies,

The majority blindly seeking accolades and prize.

They are  turning their face away,they are ignoring’

those who are suffering atrocities,massacres and their cries.

When did we lived in peace my friend?


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L e g a c y !

There are those when they depart the world they leave behind them a legacy   carved on the  S t o n e s  , and there are those when they depart the world they leave behind them a legacy written on the sands of the desert.. ( Most people adore those who were  the wind beneath their wings helped them to fly and  to achieve their goals.) https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com