The Final 24 Hours !! / Decisive Will .

It could happen that I and you be stricken untimely by a devastating affliction . The Dr. in the emergency room seriously says .” you have only 24 hours to live , l want you to write a letter before the end arrives.”

What would your letter be like ?

What would you write or say ?

Would you be consumed by awe , regrets , and pain ?

Would you be afraid because you failed ?

Would you have any idea whom you are going to see or where you will end ?

Here is my letter.( my dear siblings mend your differences and don’t remain divided.Dear friends whom l forgot along the way ” l love you ” despite the suffering , the pain and the hurt l endured .My dear wife ,children and grand children ,you brought so much happiness to my the needy , and be kind to the charities. My dear Lord l trust you ,you are the way,the truth , the life and the resurrection help me to accept my fate .Lord  have mercy on my soul.)

l hope to read your comments , thoughts and letters.(



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