W h o I s Your G o d ?

There is nothing  can  j u s t i f y  the killing of the innocents . No religion , no faith, no belief  or earthly doctrine. God himself forbids killing  a human being.Can you answer this question courageously , with utmost honesty and   without  labyrinths .

Is your God , a God of love , forgiveness , peace , passion , and affection or  your God is a God of Hate , revenge , death , condemnation who permits to kill , rape , rob the non believer and despise them.? the choice is yours to live  an illusion and deception or to live with ultimate confidence and certainty of your fate.If you think you have a free will to chose then you won’t be living a hostage for your own belief.

(( who lives by  the sword will perish by  the sword . Who lives a fraudulence  life will die miserably. Shouting their God’s name and blowing up themselves with lethal explosives killing  people at large make them God’s worst enemies., For nothing can justify  the  killing  of  the   I n n o c e n t .)) e.mail/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com/website/https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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