Wimbledon 2013 ! / Classical Era . / Hypocrisy .

The classical era of Tennis up to the 1970’s is gone with the wind  for ever . There was enjoyment , pleasure and fulfillment in watching a Tennis match. Today Tennis is a sport of extreme power , blood thirst , revenge , greed and egoism . The prize money for the championship in the seventies was only thirty thousand dollars,now its over a million dollars . First serve ‘s speed averaged 80 mile ,today it can exceed 139 mile p.h.The time between points used to be sufficient to react to the ball , today there is hardly enough time between points to reflect at all.

On Wednesday June 26 , 2013 Roger Federer the most egoist tennis player in the world lost in the 2nd. round to Sergiy Stakhousky the Ukraine who used his own brilliant tactics to shock and astonish the Tennis world , specially the admirers of the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport by putting an end to his streak of reaching 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals.It was a spectacular won For Sergiy in 4 sets   7-6 / 6-7 / 6-7 / 6-7 .Roger Federer  hit the ball back hand  twice at Sergiy l think if one of those ball would if hit the Ukraine it would send him to the hospital.

The two former  American  Tennis players of the 1980’s  Pam Shrefer (51) and Mary -Joe Fernandez (42) the match commentators were so upset and frantic for Roger’s lose ,they began to have sympathy for Roger .They were grieving and probably will wear black arm band for the duration of Wimbledon 2013..They never showed any sympathy for Roger’s victims whom he beat in the first and second rounds since 2003 and destroyed their future hopes. Roger Federer won 17 major Grand Slam championships and made over 80 million dollars in prize money.He is 31 year old ,its time for him to retire otherwise he will lose next time in the first round to another new hero. Its sad no male American tennis player left in Wimbledon in the 3rd.round. They used to dominate the Tennis world up to the Nineties . (jmsabbagh86@gmail.com) https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


The Final 24 Hours !! / Decisive Will .

It could happen that I and you be stricken untimely by a devastating affliction . The Dr. in the emergency room seriously says .” you have only 24 hours to live , l want you to write a letter before the end arrives.”

What would your letter be like ?

What would you write or say ?

Would you be consumed by awe , regrets , and pain ?

Would you be afraid because you failed ?

Would you have any idea whom you are going to see or where you will end ?

Here is my letter.( my dear siblings mend your differences and don’t remain divided.Dear friends whom l forgot along the way ” l love you ” despite the suffering , the pain and the hurt l endured .My dear wife ,children and grand children ,you brought so much happiness to my days.help the needy , and be kind to the charities. My dear Lord l trust you ,you are the way,the truth , the life and the resurrection help me to accept my fate .Lord  have mercy on my soul.)

l hope to read your comments , thoughts and letters.(jmsabbagh86@gmail.com) https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com