The Most Influential Blogger Award !! /Incredible Coincident ./ Embrace The Facts .

l am grateful and honored to be nominated by two special ladies and dear bloggers who’s blogs are inspiring , uplifting , and refreshing. One of the bloggers is in the East in Pakistan ,Samina Iqbal ( ) The other blogger is in the West in Europe , Lisa Elskeravid ( ) For my post (( The L.A. Times and the suicide bombers ./ Yellow journalism.))The odds for being nominated for the same Award by two different bloggers , for the same post , at the same time is astronomical ,one in a billion. l am very lucky ,thrilled and humbled to be considered worthy for the Award . My vocabulary is incapacitate to express my gratitude and my feelings . l will always value and cherish this remarkable gesture and for being among you the readers where ever you might be.Exchanging thoughts , feelings , and ideas which could perform miracles in someone’s life and might open the closed doors in front  of  him  is fulfilling.

(( A )) The rules for the mentioned Award are as follow : 1- Display or name the Award. 2 – Answer seven questions .3 – Link back to the persons who nominated you. 4- Nominate other bloggers for the Award ,no limits.5 – Notify the nominees .( l here by notify  the nominees.).

(( B )) The seven questions are: 1 – If you could create your own planet ,what it look like .? A – l aspire to have a planet of peace and harmony .All inhabitants are equal and free.A planet of green meadows ,colorful flowers , fruit trees and running waters. Rainbows every where most of the year.2 -If you could visit one nation you have never visited before , what nation would be.? A – l would visit India which contains more than one nation .India where diversity is a reality.Countless religions,languages , traditions , unique customs ,mesmerizing festivals and the capital of Bollywood the  majestic world.India where you see the extreme rich and the extreme poor. 3- Have you ever taken a long distance train trip.? A- Yes , the Orient Express from Vienna/ Austria via Istanbul/ Turkey to Baghdad/Iraq. 4 – What is something you would collectively change about Humanity.? A- That something would be ” every person becomes entitled to be called ,citizen of the World. 5- What is your favorite song.? A-  A m a z i n g   G r a c e . 6 – If you could meet one person who is still alive , who would you choose to meet.?  A – l would like to meet Dalai Lama and to ask him.” Do you know Jesus .? ” 7- If you could choose on symbol to represent you , what that symbol be.?  A- T h e   M u s t a r d   S e e d .

(( C )) And now the nominees for the Award are all the  1000 followers of my humble blog whom l value and respect.May the good Lord bestow upon you his Love and Grace.(jalal michael sabbagh) e.mail/ website/

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