A Letter To My Son ./ Contentment Is An infinit Treasure.

My dear son : always  remember contentedness is a treasure that never cease . l didn’t  give you a lot but l gave you all l have . l always met my obligations towards your needs so you have a decent life. My life’s experiences l was assiduous to teach you everything l know. I shielded you from the cold and shaded you from the heat of the sun.l and your mother gave you Love more than anything else. We spent countless and sleepless nights when you were a little baby and needed  a heart open surgery . You became first in our lives.The pain , the tiredness we endured with hope ,patience and prayer.You were healed and became a new. l watched you grow up every step along the way.l tried not to miss Parents – Teachers days. l was eager to ask you about your schooling and your grades. Mom drove you and your friends to the sports practices and games , always on time not even once late. Remember those tennis and soccer days ? l taught you to follow a straight path in life. To be good honest with yourself and towards the others too ,but not to a point that you hurt yourself.

l was affirmative to help you to have a happy childhood . Even l looked forward toward your future so you won’t have any bad memories or regrets of the past.When you were in High – School  ,during college days , you became my best friend . l treated you as an equal to me .Dad is another word for Confidant , Mentor and true friend.

l didn’t collect treasures of gold.You and your sister became our treasure and our gold.More precious than anything this world can offer.Even more important than anything  in life l achieved.When l see you kneel and repeat the prayer l taught you since you were a little kid.l feel my massage l have fulfilled.Now when l watch you raise your own kids following the same path you learned ,l am content.You and your sister became our heaven on earth.The Ultimate  Happiness is to raise decent off- spring.

((Love : always protects , always trusts , always hopes , always preserves.:Corinthians  13:7 )) e.mail/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com–Website/https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

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