In A Day , In A Month , In A Year !! / Never Subside.

Art in its many forms and shapes , whether its music , painting , singing , acting or any other types , art has no homeland ,nationality , religion or belonging .Art is universal for all humanity to enjoy and cherish. Art is an amazing way to express our feeling and to convey a certain massage for the world to know.Art adds beauty to our lives and treasures for generations to come. This post is in remembrance of a unique Egyptian singer A. Hafiz .He passed away at a young age ,leaving behind phenomenal legacy.

( 1 )   in a day ,  in a month , in a year ,

The pain will subside , the wound might heal.

But the wound l endure day and night ,

Revives the sadness l immensely f e e l .

My pain defies remedies and refuses to sleep.

( 2 ) Farewell to happiness and to the laughs ,

Its time to lament the past and weep,

Farewell to tomorrow’s d r e a m s  ,

Farewell to yesterdays  m e m o r i e s .

My beloved ,l see you drifting away ,

Leaving me behind to suffer illness and decay.

No matter h o w  f a r   y o u  g o ,

You will always remain in my heart and soul.

l wish  a sad tear will never visit your eye ,

l pray you will never need to cry.

If  l  could l would  love you all over again ,

But now you are gone  my lasting companion,

R e m a i n s    t h a t    m e r c i l e s s     P a i n .

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