A r i e l C a s t r o ! / Monster – Terrorist – Kidnapper.

He enslaved three beautiful girls for a decade .He deprived them their  humanity.Heavens couldn’t take it any more .The Miracle happened Amanda , Gena and Michelle are free.The monster now is in captivity. The captives are free. The atrocity  which Ariel Castro  committed is hard to perceive .He is the embodiment of brutality and savageness . l wrote many times  about the human trafficking .the women enslavement by the wealthy  Sheiks of the Arab Gulf States. About the crimes of honor killing.About depriving women their human rights  to live as first class citizens equals to the authoritarian absolute power of the males  in Most Middle – Eastern countries. The Rich Royal Males in The Arab world spend more than one BILLION dollars every Y E A R  on human trafficking to obtain Girls who are kidnapped from all over the world.Ariel Castro did his own human trafficking and women enslavement.l wrote many articles about the Weak United Nations which is doing nothing to put an end to these atrocities or even to fight them.Enslavement , kidnapping and HUMAN TRAFFICKING are the other side  of world  Ugly  TERRORISM. ( Please  Browse through my  previous  posts   and read those articles which l mentioned  above., if you are interested) (e.mail/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com


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