M i n i m a l i s m !! / H e d o n i s m .

“”What ‘s  in  it  for  me ?”” This is the modern motto in the lives of the many.Its the core of their beloved creed in which they b e l i e v e  .

( 1 )   They seldom care about someone or love someone , even their closest relative or  their next in kin. Yet they expect everyone to love them including those whom they resent and consider them enemies.

( 2 )   They refuse to help , pity or be kind towards the others.Yet they demand passion and loyalty from everyone.

( 3 )   The minimal intentionally they do to keep their jobs.To get paid even double the time every check. Yet they want everyone to work hard to earn his pay.

( 4 )   They don’t want to get tired . They insist  on having time out . they want to enjoy their vacation too.Yet they hate  v a l i d i t y .But they try to impose it on everyone else.

( 5 )   In their schools the minimal they do study and the minimal duties they perform . Yet they want to get high grades to graduate with honor degrees.But they hate to see the achievers succeed.

( 6 )   They don’t respect their wedding vows or their responsibilities .Yet they want their marriage to work out miraculously ..

( 7 )   They never exercise .They hate sports.They never watch their diet .They eat every thing .They even enjoy their two drinks.Yet  they expect to be healthy and physically f i t .

( 8 )   They never pray.They never show any humility.Yet they want to enter paradise with souls that never acknowledged there is God or there is infinity.

( 9 )   H e d o n i s m   is  the beloved character in our times for the many ,those who  despise morality.

( 10 )   H e d o n i s m   in   fact  is the demise and the dissolution of human decency .

( 11 )   Minimalism is the real  e n e m y of excellence ,progress , and prosperity.

( 12 )   Minimalism is a deadly virus .Its the source of  M e d i o c r t i t y .

( 13 )   Minimalism is a philosophical disease in the recent human history.

( 14 )   M i n i m a l i s m    and   H e d o n i s m   are the new doctrine for those who are extremely liberal .Their permissiveness is corrupting the very foundation of the new generation.

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