Memorial Day . / Patriotism .

God bless the American service men ,women and our veterans . Every patriot who loves America owes these Heroes and Heroines his freedom and his life style  which the many  take for granted.The American service men and women deserve our utmost gratitude and our gratefulness every day of our lives.Thanks from the hearts.God bless America the home of the free and the land of the brave.( we should always remember our injured warriors and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice  to assure our freedom and our rights as humans.) (e.mail /

The Most Influential Blogger Award !! /Incredible Coincident ./ Embrace The Facts .

l am grateful and honored to be nominated by two special ladies and dear bloggers who’s blogs are inspiring , uplifting , and refreshing. One of the bloggers is in the East in Pakistan ,Samina Iqbal ( ) The other blogger is in the West in Europe , Lisa Elskeravid ( ) For my post (( The L.A. Times and the suicide bombers ./ Yellow journalism.))The odds for being nominated for the same Award by two different bloggers , for the same post , at the same time is astronomical ,one in a billion. l am very lucky ,thrilled and humbled to be considered worthy for the Award . My vocabulary is incapacitate to express my gratitude and my feelings . l will always value and cherish this remarkable gesture and for being among you the readers where ever you might be.Exchanging thoughts , feelings , and ideas which could perform miracles in someone’s life and might open the closed doors in front  of  him  is fulfilling.

(( A )) The rules for the mentioned Award are as follow : 1- Display or name the Award. 2 – Answer seven questions .3 – Link back to the persons who nominated you. 4- Nominate other bloggers for the Award ,no limits.5 – Notify the nominees .( l here by notify  the nominees.).

(( B )) The seven questions are: 1 – If you could create your own planet ,what it look like .? A – l aspire to have a planet of peace and harmony .All inhabitants are equal and free.A planet of green meadows ,colorful flowers , fruit trees and running waters. Rainbows every where most of the year.2 -If you could visit one nation you have never visited before , what nation would be.? A – l would visit India which contains more than one nation .India where diversity is a reality.Countless religions,languages , traditions , unique customs ,mesmerizing festivals and the capital of Bollywood the  majestic world.India where you see the extreme rich and the extreme poor. 3- Have you ever taken a long distance train trip.? A- Yes , the Orient Express from Vienna/ Austria via Istanbul/ Turkey to Baghdad/Iraq. 4 – What is something you would collectively change about Humanity.? A- That something would be ” every person becomes entitled to be called ,citizen of the World. 5- What is your favorite song.? A-  A m a z i n g   G r a c e . 6 – If you could meet one person who is still alive , who would you choose to meet.?  A – l would like to meet Dalai Lama and to ask him.” Do you know Jesus .? ” 7- If you could choose on symbol to represent you , what that symbol be.?  A- T h e   M u s t a r d   S e e d .

(( C )) And now the nominees for the Award are all the  1000 followers of my humble blog whom l value and respect.May the good Lord bestow upon you his Love and Grace.(jalal michael sabbagh) e.mail/ website/

Authentic Encouragement .

Reaching this overwhelming milestone is an awesome and unique feeling . Being able to gain the acceptance  of each one of you in this amazing realm of Blogspher is humbling. l believe that the ultimate purpose of my blog is to express my thoughts , feelings ,  my life’s experience in a simple  plain way and transparency .

My humble mission is to reach that special someone who is searching for answers for his questions. Our existence , our lives , our journey on the face of this magnificent world seems to be ,that each one of us is hoping to accomplish his ambitions , and dreams. l think everyone of us is searching for that drive within us to live to see that happy tomorrow for our children and grand children . l am grateful for my blog’s followers .The only way l know to show them my gratitude  is by simply saying”thank you form the bottom of my  heart.” for your support and genuine encouragement.

Its a pleasure to read your posts , your comments  and your thoughts.Its pleasure to have such wonderful Bloggers in my daily life.Love , Peace , Kindness and appreciation always spring from  Home.May the good Lord bless each and everyone of you with the joy of fulfillment and the will to accept life’s changing Seasons .( e.mail/ /

A Letter To My Son ./ Contentment Is An infinit Treasure.

My dear son : always  remember contentedness is a treasure that never cease . l didn’t  give you a lot but l gave you all l have . l always met my obligations towards your needs so you have a decent life. My life’s experiences l was assiduous to teach you everything l know. I shielded you from the cold and shaded you from the heat of the sun.l and your mother gave you Love more than anything else. We spent countless and sleepless nights when you were a little baby and needed  a heart open surgery . You became first in our lives.The pain , the tiredness we endured with hope ,patience and prayer.You were healed and became a new. l watched you grow up every step along the way.l tried not to miss Parents – Teachers days. l was eager to ask you about your schooling and your grades. Mom drove you and your friends to the sports practices and games , always on time not even once late. Remember those tennis and soccer days ? l taught you to follow a straight path in life. To be good honest with yourself and towards the others too ,but not to a point that you hurt yourself.

l was affirmative to help you to have a happy childhood . Even l looked forward toward your future so you won’t have any bad memories or regrets of the past.When you were in High – School  ,during college days , you became my best friend . l treated you as an equal to me .Dad is another word for Confidant , Mentor and true friend.

l didn’t collect treasures of gold.You and your sister became our treasure and our gold.More precious than anything this world can offer.Even more important than anything  in life l achieved.When l see you kneel and repeat the prayer l taught you since you were a little kid.l feel my massage l have fulfilled.Now when l watch you raise your own kids following the same path you learned ,l am content.You and your sister became our heaven on earth.The Ultimate  Happiness is to raise decent off- spring.

((Love : always protects , always trusts , always hopes , always preserves.:Corinthians  13:7 )) e.mail/–Website/

L o v i n g My W o m a n ./ M y W i f e .

L o v i n g    m y   w o m a n   m y   w i f e  ,  e n a b l e d    m e   t o    f e e l   a n d     t a s t e     e t e r n i t y   o n    e a r t h .

(God’s magnificent Grace and generosity created the woman.Life would  be an arid desert without the woman.Without the woman is like living in a world without water and air. ( with my sincere regards. Jalal Michael Sabbagh ) e.mail/ /website H a p p y   M o t h e r ‘ s   D a y )

S i n No More !!!

They brought to him the adulteress and said.”Our law punishes her by stoning her to D e a t h ,what do you think teacher.?”

” l say to you ,who among you is without sin let him cast the first stone.” All of them dropped their stones on the ground and

left her alone standing in front of him.” Where are your accusers .? ” He asked her .”They left.” she answered.

“”Go then in peace and sin no M o r e .””

There is no more profound wisdom than this ,even if we search every  Past and Present religious and philosophical book.

((Do your part to live in peace with everyone , as much as possible. Romans 12:18 )) e.mail/