The Best Version Of Ourselves ! / Excellence.

Do we think that we are at the best version of ourselves ?  l don’t mean a self- seeking approach , trying to convince ourselves that we are at our best. This is only a suggestion a logic collaboration with oneself ‘s believes and ambitions to build a new image .Specially for the youth in any society concerned about ,what kind of future they want ?

( 1 )  What motivates you ? ( 2 ) What you are  yearning for ? (3 )  Do you have a plan for tomorrow ?  ( 4 )  Are you ready to leave your old self behind ?

Everyone of us has a certain  needs  no matter what our circumstances are. Our deepest desire and our utmost capability are centered in one point , to do something  positive  to improve ourselves and to find satisfaction in achieving happiness..For sure some of us had met certain individuals in our lives who were really struggling in their lives.They were determined to make a better version of themselves.Most of them did succeed  100% .They went back to school.Others learned a new trade.they achieved their  objection and became  productive members of the society.They themselves began to help whoever needed them to build a new version of themselves.

( The  M o r a l  is not who your family is or who you were ?  the moral is who you are N o w .? Jalal Michael Sabbagh ) e.mail/ website –

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