D o n ‘t R u s h W e C a n W a i t ! / Destructive behaviors.

“”   Don’t   rush   we   can  wait  ”’ this is the huge sign which l read . It was posted on the front lawn of a cemetery in North – West  Chicago . To every  Speeding ,

Alcoholic , Smoking  , Drugs , Gambling  “Addict” or  other  destructive  addictions . Hospitals and cemeteries can wait for you , no matter how long they wait.They know for sure  in one or the other  you will end.

It is up to you . Destroying your life is one thing ,but committing a slow suicide is another thing ,because its always accompanied with Pain , Sorrow , Regrets and bitter agony. Be well before it is too , , too late to change the Sail.

( Your success is my success and my success is your success)


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