The Best Version Of Ourselves ! / Excellence.

Do we think that we are at the best version of ourselves ?  l don’t mean a self- seeking approach , trying to convince ourselves that we are at our best. This is only a suggestion a logic collaboration with oneself ‘s believes and ambitions to build a new image .Specially for the youth in any society concerned about ,what kind of future they want ?

( 1 )  What motivates you ? ( 2 ) What you are  yearning for ? (3 )  Do you have a plan for tomorrow ?  ( 4 )  Are you ready to leave your old self behind ?

Everyone of us has a certain  needs  no matter what our circumstances are. Our deepest desire and our utmost capability are centered in one point , to do something  positive  to improve ourselves and to find satisfaction in achieving happiness..For sure some of us had met certain individuals in our lives who were really struggling in their lives.They were determined to make a better version of themselves.Most of them did succeed  100% .They went back to school.Others learned a new trade.they achieved their  objection and became  productive members of the society.They themselves began to help whoever needed them to build a new version of themselves.

( The  M o r a l  is not who your family is or who you were ?  the moral is who you are N o w .? Jalal Michael Sabbagh ) e.mail/ website –

We Are The Master Of Our Destiny !!!

This post was my comment on a young ambitious lady’s post. A Mother of three little kids .She wants to achieve her dream in the world of designing .She wants to  start her own business.My son who is an English teacher just got his master degree in English literature .His wife also a mother of three young kids aged 10 , 9 , and 30 months  old, was  encouraged to get her Master degree in History .I and my wife helped my son and his wife by babysitting for our granddaughter the 30 months old.This coming November our daughter in law will get her master degree .She is also a history teacher.

When l and my wife were raising our children l always wanted to study music and to learn how to play the (( OUD  / an Arabian Mandolin )) .After 25 years l fulfilled my dream.l went back to college . l studied music for 3 years  and spend countless hours practicing . Now when l play my instrument l feel ,there is nothing called impossible yet. We are the only ones who know what is the best for ourselves.We are the only ones who can make our dream a reality.We are the only ones who can help ourselves. We are the master of our  D E S T I N Y .

(your success is my success and my success is your success.) e.mail/

O u r A n n i v e r s a r y . / My beloved Hilda.

l like to dedicate these words to every lucky couple everywhere who are celebrating their wedding anniversary.Hoping they will reignite the torch of their passion and bring back sweet memories and relive them  again.

My beloved ,what should l give you on our anniversary .?

A diamond ring , a ruby necklace or an emerald bracelet .?

l don’t endear seeing bands around your wrist.

Should l give you flowers , perfumes , or golden silk from the East.?

Or should I make you a crown out of pearls and  Brazilian  jade .?

Your hair is most beautiful crown that l kiss and kissed.

All these things can’t add to your inner beauty even one bit.

Your charisma my dear all my wishes it consists.

I don’t have nothing more precious than my life,

S o   l   g i v e    y o u   m y    l i f e   a s    a   G i f t .

((  Happy are those who been touched by the wand of Love.Who have tasted the sweet nectar of Love once in their life time. )) e.mail /

D o Y o u L o v e M e ?/ Precisely / The Formidable Question .

When the Lord , or your father, your spouse  , your mother, your friend , your brother , your sister , your children , your neighbor or even a distanced relative or a total stranger a s k  you ,” do you love me ?” probably your answer will be simultaneously positive , ” yes l love you.” What good is it your answer if your words are just coming out of your mouth not from your heart and not accompanied by real deeds to assure your sincerity  ? .What  good is it  your ” Yes ” if you treat those who are asking you like null,like something worthless or even like a waste?.If you are unfaithful to them , you never appreciate them , never spend quality time with them , if you don’t show them your hidden side , you never open your heart and confess to them your real feelings towards them ,what good is it your ” Yes l love you ” ? everyone of us has his own imperfection ,failures and doubts  being untrue to ourselves some times and to the other most of the times . It is hard to live a  lie   hiding  behind  an  illusion of being invisible ,trying to convince yourself you don’t need the others  that you can live in your own self made world.But remember ,the world doesn’t need you .You do need the world.

(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success.) e.mail/

Y e a r s !! / A c h i e v e m e n t s .

( 1 )  A  person’s age ought not to be measured by the number of the years he been living on this fragile world of ours , but by the achievements he

accomplished during his life up to this minute indeed.

( 2 ) A person’s age ought to be measured by the goodness he did made , not by the promises he never fulfilled.

( 3 ) A person’s age ought to be measured by his humane believes not  by the times he was  jubilant for others grieves , tears  and retreat.

( 4 ) A person’s age ought to be measured by the moments of happiness and merriment for the success he achieved not

by the dreams , illusions ,the chances he wasted  and when he accepted defeat.

(( There is nothing wrong to build castles in the air , but  its  wrong  to  try  living  in  them.))

( Everybody’s success is my success and my success is every body’s success.) e.mai/–WEbsite.

The Way To The Light.

The Way To The Light !!

He said.” I am the light of  the world ,he who follows me will never walk in the darkness , he will never stumble and he will never fear the unknown on his way to me.”

(( your success is my success and my success is your success.)) e.mail/–Website

S t o p Complaining My Friend ! / Invisible Golden Crown .

Stop complaining about everything.

What would you say if you were sick ?

What would you do then ?

What would Y O U Think?

Stop complaining my friend .

Stop seeing the day light as dark  knight.

H o w  would you feel if you were crippled ,

Without limbs or without  sight  ?

Motivate yourself reignite your fight.

You have so much to live for ,

Dreams , wishes ,hopes be firm be proud.

Make life’s voyage  joyous laughs and pride.

Plan for blissful future let it  be delight .

Don’t worry about what you left behind.

You still have the time to make everything alright. ( Being healthy is more precious than all the treasures in the world.)((Wellness is an invisible golden Crown on healthy people’s  head , its only visible for the sick.)Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Y o u Are Beautiful !

You are created beautiful to captivate our senses .

You are created beautiful to delight our existence.

With your charming  stature  and  fairness ,

With your mesmerizing laughs and gazes,

With your mindful thoughts and sweetness,

With your loving and compassionate heart,

With  your enchanting  innocent  looks,

With your affections and goodness,

You are a lady of epitome wholeness.

The Creator bestowed on you coquetry,

Beyond  human  comprehension ,

Praise him for he is generous ,

There are no boundaries for his kindness.

(( Beautiful people , beauty in the hearts and the beauty in nature are God’s gifts to the human kind.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))