A m e r i c a T h e C o m p a s s i o n a t e .

He who accuses America being arrogant is out of touch with reality. He is obsessed with ignorance, hateful heart and have a dead conscience . (1) America helps many countries around the world financially with billions of dollars every year so their citizens won’t starve to death. (2) America is always the first to aid those countries which are devastated by catastrophes or natural calamities . ( 3 ) America helped the people of many countries since world war II to be liberated from tyranny and the injustice .The sacrifices of our brave service men and women are known through out the modern History. ( 4 )  America opens her arms to welcome millions of emigrants from every corner of the world since the early 1900s to live in this great land of freedom,opportunities and equality. These are only a few sides of America  the kind,the compassionate and the generous from an ocean of Goodness.

The last few years we have seen many insignificant politicians in Washington  open their mouths and shut their eyes vocalizing trivialities against America instead of acknowledging the tremendous opportunities America gave them to be what they are.America gave them every thing they have and made them what they are today. They are unappreciative and they will remain so no matter what office they hold.Whether they are far left democrats,progressives,fanatic liberals with hateful personality,they were elected to serve their own interests not the interests of the ones who elected them and hired them.Its time to fire them.The Lord loves America and will always protects her.The Lord bless our Soldiers ,our real heroes and heroines.The Lord bless those who really love America with all their hearts and minds.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com


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