The Armenian Genocide ! / IS The United Nations For The Nations ?

 The United Nations is a bankrupt   entity. It is taking it’s last steps toward nothingness for failing to help the victims of atrocities around the world . The United Nations is responsible for the Armenian Genocide , the Jewish Holocaust , the Darfur massacres , the Kosovo’s catastrophic war , the Greek  genocide,  the Rwanda ‘s massacre ,the Gulf war, the Afghan war, the Iraq war , the killing  and the blood shed that is going  on for the last two years   the radical Arabs are threatening the world. The United Nations is failing to prevent these crimes from being committed and it seems the UN is helpless..

It is a shame to see half incompetent politicians  are ruling the third world countries.Today the Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan  called the Jews/Zionism From the United Nations Podium “war criminals” but he denies with utmost audacity that he is the descendant of mass murderers and war criminals who butchered one and a half million  innocent Armenians.Turkey massacred the Armenians on April 24,1915. Since then Turkey is denying the genocide.France is the only brave Western country which acknowledges this truth.America refuses to do the same because the USA have so many strategic military bases in Turkey.

My grandparents were victims of the genocide, my parents were the survivors of the Armenian genocide. WE will never stop reminding the civilized world about the Armenian Genocide .We will keep asking for justice .The United Nation’s   records are proofs  that Turkey did committed these crimes and  massacred one and a half million Armenians.Its  shameful that the United Nations serves the powerful and fails the weak and the helpless.

(The Armenian victims blood will never go in vain we will keep reminding every living  conscience  in the world that justice will prevail despite Turkey’s cowardly denial and despite United Nations Failure.  ) website


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