Authentic responsibility ! / Genuine Substance .

There is a dire shortage in our world today for individuals who can spread freedom messages,equality , peace, Love,  acceptance, open dialogue, and forgiveness.Despite the 21st. century technology , internet,radio, and television the world is facing all kind of calamities,Hunger, Wars, Dictatorship,  Epidemics, Threat of nuclear  weapon race , Terrorism, Fascism , Human Trafficking, Racism, Discrimination , Religious Crimes (Honor Killing-  Brazil, The Middle – East  ) . Most of  us are doing nothing to confront the reality of these horrible enemies which are diminishing societies.It seems that the present time is being ruled by Fanaticism, Lies, Illusion, Deception, and selfishness.There are many groups which promoting a culture of NO SUBSTANCE , a culture of numb to the reality.This culture becoming accepted as a way of life for many.They are tolerating every thing sex,teen pregnancy, same sex unity, divorce, hypocrisy, pornography and  atheism . Righteousness and God are being rejected and abandoned.

(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success…..Jalal Michael sabbagh )  WEblog.

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