T r e a c h e r o u s S u r m i s e !

l wrote  this short ballad in Arabic language and gave it to a well known Lebanese musician to compose it into a song. Here is the English version of the Ballad. l hope  the readers will like it and it will gain their contentment.

I – l thought  you were faithful to our covenant  ,

You will  n e v e r  betray.

You promised to keep it to the last day.

Your angelic innocence deceived me,

So did my madness , but  w h y   ?

II-  How naive my thoughts were ?

How my heart surrendered to your false cry?

You deserve an Oscar  prize ,

You are a veteran actress, ,that l can’t deny.

III-   l wish l never saw you together ,

l wish l was blind in both eyes.,and,

The truth my doubts wouldn’t justify.

l was sincere to the promise ,

But yours was covered with a L I E .

IV – Your greed and obstinacy destroyed,

Our legacy…please ,don’t deny.

Go with him to his world of lust and steamy desires,

Where honesty you can sale and b u y .

V – Tomorrow he will realize you been playing shy.

You will then,live lonely to the day you d i e .

l am cured of my madness and your false love,

N o w  l  c a n   f l y .


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The Vows !!! / Renewal.

Vows are made to be kept , honored , cherished , and  remembered  everyday .  Not to be forsaken , broken,  denied  and  forgotten . Beside the wedding vows, l thought of these vows within myself . After all these years they are working like a charm.

One’s life ought not to be measured  by years , but ought to be Measure  by  the beautiful  Moments  Of  Happiness  ,  Jubilation  ,  Achievement  , Success  And  Substance.

If   l  can’t  make  you  laugh  ,

l  will  never  be  the  reason  for  you  to  Cry  .

If  l  can’t  make  you  Glad  ,

l  will  never  be  the  reason  for  you  to  be  Sad .

If  a day  passes  by  without  seeing  you  ,

It won’t count  from  my life’s side  .

Today  ,  Tomorrow  ,  and  Forever,

Until  Fate  our time  D E C I D E  .

WE should  remember  we are mortals ,the day  will  come  when  we have  to  depart  .

I hope  ,whoever  reads  these  words  will  listen  to  his  HEART  .To renew the  Vows  and conquer  the fear and  hesitation .(  Today February 10 is The  Universal  Day  Of  Marriage..)Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

Authentic responsibility ! / Genuine Substance .

There is a dire shortage in our world today for individuals who can spread freedom messages,equality , peace, Love,  acceptance, open dialogue, and forgiveness.Despite the 21st. century technology , internet,radio, and television the world is facing all kind of calamities,Hunger, Wars, Dictatorship,  Epidemics, Threat of nuclear  weapon race , Terrorism, Fascism , Human Trafficking, Racism, Discrimination , Religious Crimes (Honor Killing-  Brazil, The Middle – East  ) . Most of  us are doing nothing to confront the reality of these horrible enemies which are diminishing societies.It seems that the present time is being ruled by Fanaticism, Lies, Illusion, Deception, and selfishness.There are many groups which promoting a culture of NO SUBSTANCE , a culture of numb to the reality.This culture becoming accepted as a way of life for many.They are tolerating every thing sex,teen pregnancy, same sex unity, divorce, hypocrisy, pornography and  atheism . Righteousness and God are being rejected and abandoned.

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I Wish You Know !

LOVING  the Spirit is infinite , but  Loving the  Physical Attraction is Perishable.(JMS)

I   –  When are you going to know,

How much l love you ?

I will deny my world and

Everything in it,for the sake of your love.

I will defy all dangers too.

I will even jeopardize my life for you.

II  – If you ask me for the ocean ,

In your eyes I  will pour it.

If you want the moon ,

In your bosom l will throw it.

” I love you ” over the Dew l will write it.

” I Love you ” to the birds l will tell it.

” I Love you ” over the waters I will etch it

III –  Your Love is my life’s story,

I don’t know what to name it ?

He who wrote it’s beginning ,

Ought to put an end to it.

Who opens a door ought to shut it.

Who ever ignites a fire ought to extinguish it.

My life means nothingness if you are not in it.