The Age Of Customize ! / Genuine Substance .

The world is changing around us with lighting speed.More people are becoming so depended on technology and electronics ,they are forgetting their human side!

I – We are living in an age every thing is almost customized,

Customized clothes by designers to fit the creed.

Homes to accommodate the maximum need.

According to wild desires of a certain class,

Everything is possible with lies and cheat.

Even cars with special customized features  and speed.

II – Customized cosmetics and perfumes

for the elite who can’t even write or read.

Plastic surgeries ,face,nose,lips to smooth the tweed.

Sports are customized to win the prize with dope and lead .

III- Today doctors are customizing babies to improve the breed.

Vegetables and fruits are customized even rice and the wheat.

Can they customize a heart that rejects hate and greed ?

Appearances are everything today,

The inside is worthless as long its intoxicated with mead.

Genuine feelings have no value in our world anymore,

Every thing is customized to fit the need.

(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success.)…





A Day Without Tomorrow ! ! !

To every enamored in this stupendous world of ours.To every heart that been touched by the wand of love.To everyone who had drunk from the chalice of despair,hopelessness and defeat.To those who triumph over their weakness,to whoever never gives up hope , never accept defeat and keeps the faith ,l dedicate these heartily words which were sung by the famous Egyptian singer Fared Al – Atrash .

I – You are back again ,oh my birthday,

You are back ,you mischievous,without delay.

My youth had departed so soon gone away.

Now old age became my destiny with it’s gray.

Oh,  how l wish you were a day without tomorrow !

Would that ,that is all l can say.

Oh, how l wish l never been from eternity !

l lived my years not knowing Why?

Why in this life l had to stay?

l wonder ,how all expectations gone  astray?

II –    All l see is despair holding hands with dismay.

l  w i s h  l remained a spirit not became a clay.

l am a being without youthfulness ,

l am a life without spring to weigh.

I AM an illusion,l have nothing to convey,

I AM a phantom waiting at the bay.

(  H A P P I N E S S  awaits those who suffer the most….Jalal Michael sabbagh )e.mail

SOLTANA (Lady Enchantment)

A play deserves to be produced and directed on the stage. ACT ONE:


One Act play in five captivating scenes . Hoping the readers will enjoy reading the play and have an idea of the Arabian enchanting nights.

SCENE ONE: A cabaret shaped like a huge  Arabian tent,decorated with the portraits of Salama wearing her belly dance costumes .

In front of the cabaret’s entrance there are belly dancers,clowns , magicians, acrobats,singers, musicians,animals with their trainers,all performing  their skills .At the left side of the cabaret’s there is what it look like a box office  selling tickets for a long  line of customers ,who came to see the most beautiful belly dancer in pearl islands the charming Salama.

SCENE TWO:Salama sitting on her throne behind the curtain of the stage.More than five girls helping her to get ready for her show.Salama , she been called by her admirers  ,the princess of the night ,lady enchantment , the queen of hearts who brightens the darkness…

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The Human Body Is The Greatest Phenomena !

This post deserves to be republished.


Our body is the greatest ,the most mysterious,the most sophisticated world within our wonderful earthly world.Only God the creator of life can create such a marvel.Despite the world’s advancement in science,,medicine and technology ,man has not discovered not  even one percent of how the human body truly function?.Even if we go back to the Egyptian,Chines,Mesopotamia,Greek or the Roman civilization and progress to the present time the world’s knowledge with it’s scientific discoveries , is unable to find the right  answers.,or the answers for the many epidemics which infest the human body.

The human body was,is,and it will remain the greatest enigma in our lives,present and future.Yesterday a close friend fall down ,all his nerve system shut off.He became paralysed from head to toe.He is alive ,but the doctors in the hospital including the nerve specialists, couldn’t diagnose his condition.They are trying very hard to answer the immediate  questions.I hope they…

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The American Service Men And Women .(True Patriotism )

They fought many wars during the last 95 years.( WWI,WWII, the Korean war,the Vietnam war,the Desert storm war, the Iraq war and the Afghan war )Their sacrifices gave hope,life and freedom to the countries they liberated in the West,in Asia and in the Middle – East .They deserve our gratitude ,respect and honor ever day of our lives.

The American soldiers will give part of their own ration to feed the hungry.They heal the wounded , help the needy and give hope to the desperate.With out them we would if been living in a world of misery , injustice and chaos.Any one who oppose me let him read the recent history of the wars which our brave American soldiers fought. If it wasn’t for the American soldiers ,the world would be governed by Fascists, Communists and fanatic terrorists.Every American soldier and Veteran  deserve our thankfulness.We should never forget the wounded , the disabled the sick and their families sacrifices. We enjoy our freedom because of their bravery and their patriotism.The navy seals who eliminated the head of Al Qaeeda  deserve a statue to be erected  in their honor in  every freedom loving country around the world.

God bless The American soldiers and God bless America.(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success)

Change Is The Core Of Progress !!!

I dedicate this quote by the great British Author George Bernard Show (1856 – 1950 ) to every Arab thinker,educator and writer .It might help them to reevaluate their Present and plan for the future.((( Progress is impossible without change,and those who can’t change their Minds can’t change anything.)))

(your success is my success and my success is your success..JMS)

To See Through ! / Exsistence.

In memory of the late Lebanese – American Poet and Philosopher Elia Abu Madi 1890 – 1957.

I _ l came ,l don’t know from where or how l came to be l am, or why  l came ?l don’t know!

l saw a path in front of me l began to walk,l must keep on walking willingly or unwillingly ,whether l agree or not.

How did l came to be? How did l sighted my way? l can’t perceive the matter ,l don’t know!

II – Am l new or am l old in this existence ?

Am l free or am l a captive in confinement?

Do l lead myself or l am being lead ?

l wish l knew ,but l don’t know,l don’t know!

l must coincide , but why ? l don’t know!

III – Is my journey a rough one? Is it a long one?

Is it a short unpredictable one?

Am l walking or time is doing the walking for me ?

l don’t know,l don’t know!

IV- l saw stars ,but l don’t know why they are irradiate ?

l saw the clouds ,but l don’t know why they are sending out the rain?

l saw the forest with the trees ,but l don’t know why they  bear fruit after they bloom?

Are they like me ?they don’t know  why they came to be?l don’t know!

V- l remember nothing of my past life,l can’t predict my coming years.

l know l have a self ,but l don’t know what it is?

So when would myself knows itself ,l don’t know!

VI- l see a struggle going on within me .

l see myself as the devil then as an angel.

Bad and good  battling inside my mind.

Why they keep on fighting ? Why they can’t get along ?

l don’t know ,l don’t know!

VII- Where are  my cries and my laughter ?

Where are my sadness and my joy?

Am l sane or am l insane ?

Did l loss every thing ,but how it happened?

l don’t know l don’t know!

Am l going to be send back after my death?

Old or young,am l going to know myself?

Or am l to be no more? l don’t know ,l don’t know!.