Farewell / Welcome.

Thank you.Gracias. Tanke.Merci.Shookran.Tashakurat.

Today is a tremendous thrill for me ,it marks my blog’s first anniversary.Its a wonderful mild stone to look forward to have the opportunity to know new bloggers,read new amazing comments and see new likes.There are 496 very special bloggers who are following my site.l do value each one of them.l am proud for being able to gain their acceptance . As long we have love in our hearts nothing is impossible.

Every year in our modern history we say farewell to a year at the end of every December and we welcome a new born year. 2012 wasn’t exceptional.There were so many calamities, sadness,goodbys and pain. There were beautiful occasions too, the human spirit always survives and triumphs over failures and defeats.May the new year 2013 brings along peace to every corner of our fragile world,comfort to every broken heart and healing to every wounded soul.May  all your wishes and dreams come true.H A P P Y  A N D  B L E S S ED  NEW Y E A R .(love is the essence of life….Jalal Michael Sabbagh)e.mail…jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

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