The Omnipotent Christmas.

Christmas offers the human race ,hope, renew of life,love,eternal joy,peace, rebirth of miracles and merriment embodied in the children’s laughter and carols.Christmas brings delight to the hearts,triumph of kindness  and blessings of goodness in human spirits.

Christmas generates trillions upon trillions in businesses,it revives world economies .Millions of Christmas adorers travel thousands of miles to be with their loved ones carrying gifts and cheers.Christmas is carnivals and parades for the young and the young at heart.Lighted streets,trees.Christmas is warmth,blessings and closeness .But most of all Christmas is the birth of Christ the Lord who gives every one of us the greatest gift of all,the gift of  eternal happiness.

What other faith brings the world a WORLD of spiritual blessings and financial BENEVOLENT ?What do the atheists  who are declaring a blind war against Christmas offer the world? Nothingness,emptiness and FORFEITURE.

For the last 2012 years Christianity had suffered persecutions,bloody wars,atrocities and genocides . Despite the hate of those who live in darkness,those who are blinded by their ill ideology and shallow thinking ,Christianity is glowing and flourishing like a thousand sun. The darkness can not over come the light of the new born KING on Christmas day.Our faith springs from God’s promise which is fulfilled in every day of our lives.No P O W E R  or D O M I N I A N can stop Christmas .No one can take away Santa Clause from the Children of the world not now not ever.

Merry Christmas every one and joyous new year (2013) l wish every one of you happiness,health and prosperity.(your success is my success and my success is your success.jalal Michael sabbagh)

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