E n e m i e s / A n x i e t y .

l would rather have 1000 friends than having one enemy ,who will keeps me restless, sleepless and deprives me my peace of mind.

Enemies: few we create by our deliberate actions out of anger,misunderstanding,envy or just because of dislike their personality for being arrogant.Others we create by reasons some times we ourselves don’t know.l can no more remember or fathom,some of these enemies whom we label used to be good and caring friends.Some are colleagues , companions , some are family members.

The pain that comes with having enemies is too much to bear .Isn’t  it time to rebuild the bridges? Have a wonderful season of joy and harmony .

(your success is my success and my success is your success.e.mail.jmsabbach86@gmail.com(jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com)

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