Farewell / Welcome.

Thank you.Gracias. Tanke.Merci.Shookran.Tashakurat.

Today is a tremendous thrill for me ,it marks my blog’s first anniversary.Its a wonderful mild stone to look forward to have the opportunity to know new bloggers,read new amazing comments and see new likes.There are 496 very special bloggers who are following my site.l do value each one of them.l am proud for being able to gain their acceptance . As long we have love in our hearts nothing is impossible.

Every year in our modern history we say farewell to a year at the end of every December and we welcome a new born year. 2012 wasn’t exceptional.There were so many calamities, sadness,goodbys and pain. There were beautiful occasions too, the human spirit always survives and triumphs over failures and defeats.May the new year 2013 brings along peace to every corner of our fragile world,comfort to every broken heart and healing to every wounded soul.May  all your wishes and dreams come true.H A P P Y  A N D  B L E S S ED  NEW Y E A R .(love is the essence of life….Jalal Michael Sabbagh)e.mail…jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

The Choice Is Ours./The Gems.

When l was a little boy my mother used to tell me”its easy to be bad but its very very hard to be good,because it demands courage,will power ,patience,determination and selfless.” Through the years l always remind myself and repeat the precious  saying.l passed it to my children.Now l hear them telling it to their children.They call the saying”dad’s gems.”

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.May the new year brings you joy and success.(your success is my success and my success is your success.)e.mail/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

The Omnipotent Christmas.

Christmas offers the human race ,hope, renew of life,love,eternal joy,peace, rebirth of miracles and merriment embodied in the children’s laughter and carols.Christmas brings delight to the hearts,triumph of kindness  and blessings of goodness in human spirits.

Christmas generates trillions upon trillions in businesses,it revives world economies .Millions of Christmas adorers travel thousands of miles to be with their loved ones carrying gifts and cheers.Christmas is carnivals and parades for the young and the young at heart.Lighted streets,trees.Christmas is warmth,blessings and closeness .But most of all Christmas is the birth of Christ the Lord who gives every one of us the greatest gift of all,the gift of  eternal happiness.

What other faith brings the world a WORLD of spiritual blessings and financial BENEVOLENT ?What do the atheists  who are declaring a blind war against Christmas offer the world? Nothingness,emptiness and FORFEITURE.

For the last 2012 years Christianity had suffered persecutions,bloody wars,atrocities and genocides . Despite the hate of those who live in darkness,those who are blinded by their ill ideology and shallow thinking ,Christianity is glowing and flourishing like a thousand sun. The darkness can not over come the light of the new born KING on Christmas day.Our faith springs from God’s promise which is fulfilled in every day of our lives.No P O W E R  or D O M I N I A N can stop Christmas .No one can take away Santa Clause from the Children of the world not now not ever.

Merry Christmas every one and joyous new year (2013) l wish every one of you happiness,health and prosperity.(your success is my success and my success is your success.jalal Michael sabbagh) e.mai.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

Knowledge ! / Money ! / Time!.

Money comes and goes.Time goes and never comes back.Knowledge  comes and never leaves.It becomes the base upon which you build your future , to be successful,happy and secure.Think about it.How much you can achieve?How much productive you can be? How much proud you would be?Knowledge will  delight   your heart ,  please your soul , enlighten your mind and will guard you all the days of your life.

(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success)e.mail.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com.(I wish you a delightful Spring  filled with joy,health and success. Jalal Michael Sabbagh)

E n e m i e s / A n x i e t y .

l would rather have 1000 friends than having one enemy ,who will keeps me restless, sleepless and deprives me my peace of mind.

Enemies: few we create by our deliberate actions out of anger,misunderstanding,envy or just because of dislike their personality for being arrogant.Others we create by reasons some times we ourselves don’t know.l can no more remember or fathom,some of these enemies whom we label used to be good and caring friends.Some are colleagues , companions , some are family members.

The pain that comes with having enemies is too much to bear .Isn’t  it time to rebuild the bridges? Have a wonderful season of joy and harmony .

(your success is my success and my success is your success.e.mail.jmsabbach86@gmail.com(jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com)

Forgiveness And Healings.

Why most of the people have trouble with the idea of forgiveness?like my best friend ,l sense that he is not the only one who is living in a perpetuity of his thoughts about the idea.It is a major problem in our days despite the truth that forgiveness is an act of reconciliation.

l think with utmost sincerity if everybody comprehend and accept the idea of forgiveness and how much healing it could bring , there would be so much more peace and harmony among people.Don’t we usually forgive and forget? Or most of the time  WE DON’T FORGET!!

have a magnificent Holidays.( your success is my success and my success is your success)e.mail.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com