Destination The Infinte World ! / Fate.

When we arrive at paradise’s door,

We have to check in, at the reception desk on the first floor.

Each one of us will be assigned the exact chore.

To watch on huge television screen our earthly,

Life’s events since our birth  d a t e .

Every word we said ,every deed we  m a d e .

Even when we were scared  and when we failed.

Whom we loved , whom we did  h a t e ?

Whom we wounded , whom we  b e t r ay e d ?

Whom we pleased , who’s tears we  s h e e d ?

Every secret,every hidden desire will be exposed .

Were we tools for peace or means of  w a r s ?

Were our thoughts of joy or of  d e p l o r e ?

All this will take place right  b e f o r e,

We meet face to face our just  c r e a t o r .

We will see ourselves clear as he sees us ,

this will happen exactly for  s u r e .

How we are going to defend ourselves ?

We have to admit everything ,we can’t lie anymore .

Would we be ashamed for what we have done ?

Would we be proud of what we lost and what we  w o n ?

Are we for forgiveness will beg and   i m p l o r e ?

Are we going to regret ?

Would it be too l a t e ,

To set the record  s t r a i g h t  ?

There is still time to succeed and soar,

To correct our mistakes and the right to restore.

It is up to us  to choose clear path,it is never too late,

It is up to us to decide  o u r    F a t e .

(Jalal Michael Sabbagh)


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