Master I Want To See ! ( Al – A’-Ma )

Master l want to see ,

Gracious me, hear my plea.

l want to see not only physically,

l want to see emotionally and spiritually.

Help me to understand your kindness and humility,

l want to feel the smallness of others plainly .

Their hurt ,their bitterness and agony .

l am incapable to assimilate the hopelessness of those,

Who live in cardboard houses under the bridge and small cavity.

l want to see the destitute ,the prosecuted,

The abused child and their M I S I R Y .

l wish l have a thousand hearts to ease their injury.

Master,l want to see you ,

In the person that insulted me,

In the family member that hurt me,

In the friend who betrayed me,

In the one that spurned me.

So much failure ,so much frustration ,so many ,

Are struggling and suffering from poverty.

People are seeking the wrong things ,

They are ignoring and missing every opportunity ,

For growth,maturity,to uphold responsibility.

As far the East from the West,

As far healing from the pain,

So far we are from each other.

PEOPLE are demeaning Abel and extolling Cain.

(your success is my success and my success is your success…….Jalal Michael Sabbagh )


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