B l o g Of The Year 2012 A w a r d .

l am humbled and couldn’t be more ecstatic about being nominated for the blog of the year 2012 award by a dear and superb blogger ,(http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com) l value this recognition that encourages and motivates any blogger to achieve the message he wants to convey to the readers.

l would like to nominate the following bloggers for this award ,because l think every one  of them wants to make a difference in someone’s life.To help someone to widen his horizon to reach the unreachable.To encourage someone to fulfill his dreams.To help someone to set his mind towards a real love that springs from the heart not from the head.The love from the heart comes spontaneously ,P U R E , and unblemished,like the water fall that pours from the highest mountain.

Every blogger writes to express himself,his hopes,his happiness,his frustration ,his bad experiences, his struggle with daily life,his stressful  environment  and  his depression .l believe every blogger commends what is just and beautiful. To defend the weak and the innocent and to  defy the unjust and oppose the wrong are the greatest virtues

The nominees are.1 – Free tag zone. 2 – Missychelles. 3 – Settedinheaven.org. 4 – Stefania. 5 – Carolynpageabc. 6 – Silmi. 7 – Leanovadesign. 8 – Emily Guido.the light Bearer series.9 – Eda-Denisa Aricescu. 10 – Tales from the heart. 11 – drsuraiyanism.12 – Md.Alsanda. 13 – Poems by samima . 14 – Daniela. 15- Boldbeautyfulandrestless. 16-ivonprefontaine.17 – Michael lai.18- Smoothsolidad.19 – professionforpeace. 20- Tj’s Garden. 21- Teacher as transformer. 22- Drift bubbles.23- Vigikumar. 24- You jivin’ me,turkey.@25- Chicly cute .( for the rules of the AWARD they are at .http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/blog-of-the-year-2012-award-thanks-miss-marzipan-2/

(your success is my success and my success is your success.) e.mail.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com.

Thanksgiving From The Heart.

l just like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge every blogger l had the pleasure to get in touch with and to know despite the distances.l thank the Lord for being a part of this vast and fascinating realm of blogging, to discover ,to learn , to touch through thoughts,opinions and comments.With all  sincerity l would like to wish every one of you where ever you are all the blessings the season brings.Happiness,prosperity and may you achieve all your ambitions and dreams.

l am thankful for what l have .l am the embodiment of the American dream.More than a quarter century ago ,l my wife and our daughter arrived  at O ‘hare airport in Chicago .All l had then was a twenty dollar bill.Now  l am grateful for the success ,l and my wife achieved in this great country.We live comfortably .We raised our kids and gave them a good future.We have seven grand kids ,they are our happiness .

Thanksgiving is not about turkey ,food,drinks or having a feast.It is about love and getting together to count our blessing and remember those who are less fortunate .those who been stricken by disasters, those who suffer hunger , pain and injustice.

(your success in my success and my success is your success….Jalal Michael Sabbagh) e.mail. jmsabbagh86@gmail.com–site.https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

L i e N o t ! Compassion.

Lie not,lie not,l saw you together .

Lay aside your synthetic crying,

l began to hate deceptive tears ;

how cheap are they,bluntly trying ?

They are running down from eyes ever lying.

Your tears defy reality and the affair denying.

l heard you yearning ,l watched your gazes,

Fixed upon his face piercing his lips with longing.

Your arms were embracing him madly ,

You kindled a burning fire in my chest,

l felt knives tearing to pieces my waist .

My wild thoughts began to blame me ,

For allowing myself to bless your lies ,

Beside condemning my doubting surmise.

Should l say she didn’t care?

Should l remember how may time you did swear?

Don’t be ashamed ,l am not here you to scare.

l am the one who taught you to love ,

l am here not to blame you or to dare,

l am cured  from my madness,l can freely blare.

(In remembrance of the Egyptian poet Kamal Al Shanawi .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbach86@gmail.com

Master I Want To See ! ( Al – A’-Ma )

Master l want to see ,

Gracious me, hear my plea.

l want to see not only physically,

l want to see emotionally and spiritually.

Help me to understand your kindness and humility,

l want to feel the smallness of others plainly .

Their hurt ,their bitterness and agony .

l am incapable to assimilate the hopelessness of those,

Who live in cardboard houses under the bridge and small cavity.

l want to see the destitute ,the prosecuted,

The abused child and their M I S I R Y .

l wish l have a thousand hearts to ease their injury.

Master,l want to see you ,

In the person that insulted me,

In the family member that hurt me,

In the friend who betrayed me,

In the one that spurned me.

So much failure ,so much frustration ,so many ,

Are struggling and suffering from poverty.

People are seeking the wrong things ,

They are ignoring and missing every opportunity ,

For growth,maturity,to uphold responsibility.

As far the East from the West,

As far healing from the pain,

So far we are from each other.

PEOPLE are demeaning Abel and extolling Cain.

(your success is my success and my success is your success…….Jalal Michael Sabbagh )

E.mail. jmsabbagh86@gmail.com(site.http://mysusseccisyoursuccess.wordpress)