Love Is Peace !

Where ever there is love there is peace,

Where ever there is no love there is no peace.

All efforts for reconciliation definitely  cease.

In our human terms which are based upon yours an mine,

Peace simply is something we can’t define.

When did our fragile  world saw peace reign?

Without honest intentions resolutions won’t have a spine.

It sounds like wanting to produce  wine  without a vine.

So many tried to plant the seed,

So many plucked it out ,out of greed.

Since Adam and Eve,man seeks his will,

to invade,burgle,conquer and kill.

Even Prophets failed to avoid the blood not to spill.

Families are turn apart each other wanting to demise,

Despite the pain,misery,sadness and lies,

The majority blindly seeking accolades and prize.

They are  turning their face away,they are ignoring’

those who are suffering atrocities,massacres and their cries.

When did we lived in peace my friend?

there are people to the stone ages rituals still tend.

They support the injustice and thwart the weak is their trend.

Nothing is sacred in our days any more,

promises which are  broken can’t be mend.

The wicked are moving God to the rear end,

Trying to pass laws the worship temples not to attend.

Are people resenting peace and adoring wars?

Are they trying to remove the logic by the force?

They are accumulating so many Atom bombs,

Which can destroy our world 1000 times.

Who will be the victor ,mind or science?

Madness is ruling our world despite the danger signs.

God bless the peace makers.(Your Success Is My Success And My Success Is Your Success)(

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