Heavenly Justice . Jesabella.

Jesabella was the only child for her parents .Her mother was striving to expand her catering business.Her father was a lawyer .He was obsessed  by a blind ambitions to become the State’s District Attorney.

She went to her mother in the kitchen,

Mom l need help with my homework.

Darling,go to your father ,he is in his Den.

Sweetheart”said the father”cant you see ?

l am busy ,l have a client to defend .

Here is twenty dollars go to the movie with your friend.

The  parents had no time with her to spend.

Jesabella was the only girl in a boys neighborhood,

Evidently the boys her needs began to attend.

What she missed at home,they were there to compensate.

She grow up offering herself to them,

she would do what ever they desired or dared.

Just to be one of them she wanted to blend.

soon she grow up to be known the Harlot of the State.

Who ever pays the price she willingly attend .

She was like a stiff branch can’t be bend.

She became like a broken vase can’t be mend.

Jesabell became a famous Madam in her trade.

One midnight on her way to her abode ,came the End.

She was stabbed to death by one of her lovers out of jealousy,

Within twinkling of an eye,she was knocking on heaven’s door.

St.Peter showed up with the key.

l am sorry l cant let you in ,you were a Harlot.

Christ was passing by heard her plea,

He told St Peter to open the door for her,

But when her parents will show up,he,”said”

Interrogate them,tell them heavens they can’t See.

God bless America the land of the free and the home of the brave.( e.mail.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com)(http:/mysuccessisyoursuccess.cwordpress.com)

(He who believe in Christ owns a Diamond ,he will never trades it for a rock….jalal Michael sabbagh )


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