Nothing is Yours ! / Reevaluate Yourself ! /U-Haul ?

Why the wealthy individuals boast about their millions and billions? For living in grandiose mansions on top of the hills ? Or for  having purchased a private islands? Who could understand their pitiful thinking. Everything you own is not yours.As matter of fact nothing is yours.

The beautiful aspects of our life are diminishing . Love, kindness, faithfulness, tolerance, and passion are becoming endangered species . These sweet human feelings are being replaced by hate, envy, selfishness, greed, fornication ,enmity between brothers and sisters,fathers and sons,and between mothers and daughters.

Money can’t buy you one minute of happiness,it can’t extend your earthly life one second.It might buy your way out of troubles ,even it can make you invisible.But,on who’s account ? The poor whom you took advantage of  to build your empire or the orphans whom you denied their rights?

Everything in this world of ours has a FINALE,whether it is governments,authorities, friendships,kingdoms even life itself will CEASE one day.When you take your last breath and depart the world , have you arranged to rent a U-HAUL to carry your riches behind you ?

When a person stripes himself from his humanity, he becomes insignificant being, specially if he reaps where he never saw and still expect mercy from the others while he denied the others his mercy. It is time to reevaluate yourself , because regrets in the netherworld will do you no good.You came to this world with nothing and you are going to leave it with nothingness.

(He who knows Christ owns a diamond ,he will never trades it for a piece of a rock…Jalal Michael Sabbagh .

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