Beauty Queen ! / Lost Soul.

Scatter lilies and flowers over her tomb,

Might out of sorrow miraculously rebloom.

Sprinkle it with attar and perfume ,

It might spring  odors she used to consume.

Burn the enchanting incense of primroses and cinnamon,

So sadness around her evaporates with it’s gloom.

Shout the loudest as hard as you can,

Let the heavens hear your inner loom.

Recite the epics of the great lovers ,

Sing psalms of the legendary kings,

Songs she left behind ,her riches and her heirloom.

Also the memories of nights at the ballroom.

l beg you don’t shed your precious tear,

Don’t give her a pitiful glare.

She went where she wanted to be,

Despite her treacherous nature ,

Her flair always was the key.

She moved to the kingdom of lost souls,

Willingly surrendered once achieved her goals.

Her life was a wild illusion,

Dreamed to be superstar to be adored.

Utterly wasted her youth,she was ignored,

She awarded her lovers with her charms ,

Her burning passion was like blazing fire,

In return she was rejected and exposed.

THOUGHT life was nothing but a game,

She faced her fate alone ,she had nobody else to blame.

( Fame and earthly richness will be worthless when time of departure is due.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )

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