The S u n s h i n e Award. (picture a gorgeous sunflowe)

With gratitude and appreciation l would like heartily to  thank Cynthia ( who kindly nominated me to share the Sunshine Award with her.Humbly ,l consider this Award a special medal to decorate my vest with the  other Awards.l am very proud to be among bloggers like you.

Happiness is to put a smile on some one’s face,or to brighten his day.There are one million way to do that if we jut try.The nomination requires to answer these questions .l will do that gladly  right now.

1- Love or money ?

A. love ,love is my heart’s beats.Love  is life,eternal and the very core of happiness.Money will wither and decay.

2-High salary or job satisfaction ?

A-Job satisfaction gives me peace of mind and sweet dreams.High salary has its price.

3- Favorite book?

A- My favorite book of all time is”How to stop worrying and start  living” by Dale Carnegie. Reading this book saved my life when l was in college .

4- Television character that you simply adore.?

A- Kramer (Michael Richards) of Seinfeld show.

5- Favorite Music ?

A- Classic .jazz,and Hip-Hop.

6- Favorite type of movie ?

A- Comedies-Drama – Musical.

With great pleasure and honor l would like to nominate the following bloggers to the Sunshine Award











Wishing every one of you the best life can offer.(your success is my success and my success is your success.Jalal Michael Sabbagh)

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