Sorrowful past!


She called me with longing voice after disappearing for three years.Not knowing why she left.Why she chose to call on the eve of our anniversary when we met.

Lubab: hello,hello darling ,how are you? how is everything with you?

The poet:(interrupting) Lubab? what a surprise.After all this time and what l been through ,the pain , the bitter agony and the years which l lived because of you in misery? you call? you appear to ask me how l fee?Do you really expect me again to kneel?

Lubab: We were best friends, best lover on the face of the earth,we were almost engaged.

The poet: l don’t believe you, l can’t take you seriously . l doubt your intentions totally.Don’t ask me why ?because you know the truth very well,exactly.

Lubab: l beg you ,let me explain why l left suddenly .

The poet: you vanished out of my life. You stabbed me where it kills  without mercy, it was intentionally .You destroyed my believes with your mockery.

Your vows,your promises,and your whisperings in my ears were nothing but a swindling treachery,an act from well played tragedy, you deserve an Oscar…Really.

Lubab: l have been through a lot of…please listen to me.l was surrounded with problems over my head within me.

The poet: Your deceitful mind plunged me in the deepest forfeiture dark sea.

Lubab: Hear me out for the last time .Tell me you don’t care,you don’t want me any more ? Tell me you don’t long to our fiery night which we shared? l know you still love me.

The poet; Never again .You are a shadow of the past of days passed by.l won’t be a victim of your torment and misery.l know your conniving ways and methods .l can analyze your thought plainly .

Lubab: Let me explain once again.l need you .l need your sympathy .l am lonely .l have nobody left but you.l long to your arms to your lips.Have pity on me.l do regret what l did.Give me one more chance.You live inside my heart honestly .

The poet: Your heart? What a farce? An open house to whoever seeks a place in your Balcony.Whatever was between us has died painfully .

Lubab: l was a victim of uncontrolled circumstances. He tricked me with his wealth,then he divorced me and flee.He treated me harshly .He imprisoned me.l swear by you and me.,can’t you see ?

The poet: You tell me the same story over and over ,you know exactly what l mean.THERE is no more you and me.All you have now is to wait for your fate.Keep dreaming , probably it will inaugurate with epithet once you held. Lebab of the hearts ! My love for you was true.Let it rest in peace until the dust covers you and me
( Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )

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