Nothing is Yours ! / Reevaluate Yourself ! /U-Haul ?

Why the wealthy individuals boast about their millions and billions? For living in grandiose mansions on top of the hills ? Or for  having purchased a private islands? Who could understand their pitiful thinking. Everything you own is not yours.As matter of fact nothing is yours.

The beautiful aspects of our life are diminishing . Love, kindness, faithfulness, tolerance, and passion are becoming endangered species . These sweet human feelings are being replaced by hate, envy, selfishness, greed, fornication ,enmity between brothers and sisters,fathers and sons,and between mothers and daughters.

Money can’t buy you one minute of happiness,it can’t extend your earthly life one second.It might buy your way out of troubles ,even it can make you invisible.But,on who’s account ? The poor whom you took advantage of  to build your empire or the orphans whom you denied their rights?

Everything in this world of ours has a FINALE,whether it is governments,authorities, friendships,kingdoms even life itself will CEASE one day.When you take your last breath and depart the world , have you arranged to rent a U-HAUL to carry your riches behind you ?

When a person stripes himself from his humanity, he becomes insignificant being, specially if he reaps where he never saw and still expect mercy from the others while he denied the others his mercy. It is time to reevaluate yourself , because regrets in the netherworld will do you no good.You came to this world with nothing and you are going to leave it with nothingness.

(He who knows Christ owns a diamond ,he will never trades it for a piece of a rock…Jalal Michael Sabbagh .

Beauty Queen ! / Lost Soul.

Scatter lilies and flowers over her tomb,

Might out of sorrow miraculously rebloom.

Sprinkle it with attar and perfume ,

It might spring  odors she used to consume.

Burn the enchanting incense of primroses and cinnamon,

So sadness around her evaporates with it’s gloom.

Shout the loudest as hard as you can,

Let the heavens hear your inner loom.

Recite the epics of the great lovers ,

Sing psalms of the legendary kings,

Songs she left behind ,her riches and her heirloom.

Also the memories of nights at the ballroom.

l beg you don’t shed your precious tear,

Don’t give her a pitiful glare.

She went where she wanted to be,

Despite her treacherous nature ,

Her flair always was the key.

She moved to the kingdom of lost souls,

Willingly surrendered once achieved her goals.

Her life was a wild illusion,

Dreamed to be superstar to be adored.

Utterly wasted her youth,she was ignored,

She awarded her lovers with her charms ,

Her burning passion was like blazing fire,

In return she was rejected and exposed.

THOUGHT life was nothing but a game,

She faced her fate alone ,she had nobody else to blame.

( Fame and earthly richness will be worthless when time of departure is due.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )

D o n ‘ t D e p a r t . / When A Friend Lost His Soul mate.

If happiness was a garden ,

l would if picked it’s most gorgeous ,

Flowers and gave them to you.

If wishes were made of pearls ,

l would if dived every ocean through.

l would collected them where ever they grew,

A thousand necklace and bracelet made for you.

Where health dwells ,l wish l  knew.

l would if traveled the world over ,

like a bird l would flew,

Over the deserts,mountains and valleys

so your  illness will  undo .

If there was a bank loaning days,

l would if pledged my whole life

and what ever l posses too,

l would if borrowed more than few.

So l can make all your dreams come true.

At least our vows we would renew.

Even my eye’s tears are  praying

there might be a new breakthrough.

Oh fate don’t deprive me of her,

l don’t want to be left in this world alone ,

What good is it to exist,

And she is not around.

Blessed are who devote their lives to find cure for the irremediable (

(He who believes in the prince of light ,owns a Diamond.He will never trades it for a rock…Jalal Michael Sabbagh)

Send Them Lazarus !

Lazarus, the poor beggar  lived on the alms of goodhearted people who passed him by, at his usual spot , close to a luxurious castle . The rich owner enjoyed life to the fullest.he held luscious parties all the time to please his spoiled friends.

Lazarus was inflicted with dreadful wounds and sores .He moaned painfully.He was suffering patiently . Whenever the rich man would pass him by,he would  curse insults him and threatens him to evict him forcefully. The rich man never had pity upon Lazarus ,never offered him some leftover from his delicious feast ,wine fruits, and the roasted lambs.Lazarus died at the roadside unnoticed.His chaste soul entered paradise from the largest gate. No more pain,begging or suffering.There is only joy without end.

Soon enough the rich man died out of his,avidity,vanities,greed and pride .His wealth couldn’t save him, miserably it failed . His soul entered hell to dwell by the fiery lakes.

SCENE TWO: The rich man lifted his head up toward heaven and saw Lazarus sitting next to the prophet Abraham, so radiant ,with wide smile on his face.The rich man began to implore the prophet ,his tears pouring down out of sorrow and regrets.”please holy one send me Lazarus to wet my lips with his pinkie from the fresh water of paradise.” The prophet answered him.” Visitation are forbidden between you and us,heaven’s justice for ever keeps us apart.”

The rich man kept on insisting desperately .” I beg you holy  Abraham ,send Lazarus then to my brothers and sisters to warn them to reject corruption,selfishness and greed .Ask them to be kind,to have mercy toward the poor,the widow, to repent,to fear the judgment day, not in hell to end.

Abraham answered him.” Many Prophets and messengers were sent,warning them of the awful fate.They didn’t listen,they didn’t care,they didn’t believe the ones  we send.They kept their old sinful ways ,you were one of them! did you forget ? So ,how they are going to believe Lazarus ? Surely they know very well he is one of the dead ?

CURTAIN DOWN FOR NOW. SOONER OR LATER THE DAY WILL COME THAT WILL ANNOUNCE THE VERY E N D .((The truth that saves is within the reach of whoever wants. Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Http://

The S u n s h i n e Award. (picture a gorgeous sunflowe)

With gratitude and appreciation l would like heartily to  thank Cynthia ( who kindly nominated me to share the Sunshine Award with her.Humbly ,l consider this Award a special medal to decorate my vest with the  other Awards.l am very proud to be among bloggers like you.

Happiness is to put a smile on some one’s face,or to brighten his day.There are one million way to do that if we jut try.The nomination requires to answer these questions .l will do that gladly  right now.

1- Love or money ?

A. love ,love is my heart’s beats.Love  is life,eternal and the very core of happiness.Money will wither and decay.

2-High salary or job satisfaction ?

A-Job satisfaction gives me peace of mind and sweet dreams.High salary has its price.

3- Favorite book?

A- My favorite book of all time is”How to stop worrying and start  living” by Dale Carnegie. Reading this book saved my life when l was in college .

4- Television character that you simply adore.?

A- Kramer (Michael Richards) of Seinfeld show.

5- Favorite Music ?

A- Classic .jazz,and Hip-Hop.

6- Favorite type of movie ?

A- Comedies-Drama – Musical.

With great pleasure and honor l would like to nominate the following bloggers to the Sunshine Award











Wishing every one of you the best life can offer.(your success is my success and my success is your success.Jalal Michael Sabbagh)

A w a r d s ! The Sky is The Limit.

l would like sincerely to  thank Emily Guido(The light bearer)  ( for nominating me for these awards.

1-The Versatile Blogger award.

2-Fabulous Blog Ribbon award.

3-The Illuminating blogger award.

4-Very inspiring Blogger award.

Through the last few months l am pleased to had the opportunity to know her as a friend.Reading her impressive posts which embody her transparency and her genuine personality.My dear  friend Emily,l wish you success with your novel and a golden future.All l want to say in a simple way ,you the bloggers are very special friends .l will now and always cherish your friendship.

The greatest gift of all  a person can receive is to feel that he is being noticed and thought about by others.Whether they are friends ,relative or just total strangers for what he offers.That his thoughts are reaching and touching someone somewhere . l think everyone of us is trying to express himself to have a happy and healthy life and wishes it  for the others.

l consider myself to be lucky person for being well,living in greatest,most generous and gracious country in the world.To be free is like having a treasure only the deprived one can appreciate it,the one who is enslaved by rigid doctrine , teachings or  blind rules and laws.To be free and to be able to challenge yourself  to achieve your ambitions is a blessing.

l am from a third world country ,where a person is judged by whom he knows not by who he is or what his qualifications are .He is judged  by his religion or believes,not by what he can offer to serve his country. l am very fortunate to be living in America ,where a person is appreciated for his talents,loyalty and dedication.Where a person can go as far as he can.The sky is the limit .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Sorrowful past!


She called me with longing voice after disappearing for three years.Not knowing why she left.Why she chose to call on the eve of our anniversary when we met.

Lubab: hello,hello darling ,how are you? how is everything with you?

The poet:(interrupting) Lubab? what a surprise.After all this time and what l been through ,the pain , the bitter agony and the years which l lived because of you in misery? you call? you appear to ask me how l fee?Do you really expect me again to kneel?

Lubab: We were best friends, best lover on the face of the earth,we were almost engaged.

The poet: l don’t believe you, l can’t take you seriously . l doubt your intentions totally.Don’t ask me why ?because you know the truth very well,exactly.

Lubab: l beg you ,let me explain why l left suddenly .

The poet: you vanished out of my life. You stabbed me where it kills  without mercy, it was intentionally .You destroyed my believes with your mockery.

Your vows,your promises,and your whisperings in my ears were nothing but a swindling treachery,an act from well played tragedy, you deserve an Oscar…Really.

Lubab: l have been through a lot of…please listen to me.l was surrounded with problems over my head within me.

The poet: Your deceitful mind plunged me in the deepest forfeiture dark sea.

Lubab: Hear me out for the last time .Tell me you don’t care,you don’t want me any more ? Tell me you don’t long to our fiery night which we shared? l know you still love me.

The poet; Never again .You are a shadow of the past of days passed by.l won’t be a victim of your torment and misery.l know your conniving ways and methods .l can analyze your thought plainly .

Lubab: Let me explain once again.l need you .l need your sympathy .l am lonely .l have nobody left but you.l long to your arms to your lips.Have pity on me.l do regret what l did.Give me one more chance.You live inside my heart honestly .

The poet: Your heart? What a farce? An open house to whoever seeks a place in your Balcony.Whatever was between us has died painfully .

Lubab: l was a victim of uncontrolled circumstances. He tricked me with his wealth,then he divorced me and flee.He treated me harshly .He imprisoned me.l swear by you and me.,can’t you see ?

The poet: You tell me the same story over and over ,you know exactly what l mean.THERE is no more you and me.All you have now is to wait for your fate.Keep dreaming , probably it will inaugurate with epithet once you held. Lebab of the hearts ! My love for you was true.Let it rest in peace until the dust covers you and me
( Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )