Birthday-Everyday !


l and my wife took a tour to Big Bear Lake to celebrate my birthday which was yesterday.In the bus, sitting across from us a nice lady heard our conversation about the birthday and said commenting on the occasion.”I don’t celebrate my birthday any more ,just to feel older? l don’t know why people still do?. “My lady ,Birthday is a  reminder trying to tell us that a whole year has passed by since our last one.What kind of year was it? What did you achieved of your hopes and dreams? What deeds did you accomplished ?How many friend did you make happy? ,how many you made sad or mad ? Did you tried to mend the gaps?

Birthdays are not by giving gifts.Birthdays are not to spoil your children to harm themselves.Birthday is to remind us of those who helped us to be who we are.We get out of life as much we put in it.Jalal Michael SAbbagh.

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