Happy Marriage ! /Humble thoughts.

Since l published “our forty fourth anniversary”post on April 24, 2012 ,l been humbled,thrilled and excited by your kind and super wonderful comments which express your truly inner beauty.l been asked more often “how we keep our marriage alive “? “how we do it”?It is not a mystery neither a magical formula that we follow  and it is not living a fantasy.

Happy marriage is a result of many aspects.Faith and commitment are the solid foundation for a successful and fruitful marriage.these are the bases we followed through out the years.l hope heartily these 10 points will help someone .

1-The Lord of peace and passion ,to be the center of your life.

2-The husband and wife ,respect each other even in their worst argument,misunderstanding and fight.

3-Consider themselves as one not two.

4-It helps to have a short memory.(forgive each other instantly,apologize ).

5-Manifest love with deeds,not words.

6-Remind yourself of the marriage vows.

7-Marriage is a partnership,50/50.

8- Say l love you more often, with kisses and hugs.

9-Dont pass by any occasion ,birthday,anniversary ,valentine’s  day.

10-Spend quality time together.

(He who believes in the prince of light ,owns a diamond ,he will never trades it for a piece of a rock…..Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com )


Give up envy ,hate,lies and deceit?

The core of our so called civilized

societies corruption beside the greed!

To wish his opponent peace,when they meet?

Give up narcissism,deviation and cheat?

To help the weak when they are in need?

Not to let them be consumed to fleet!

To see the hungry starve while’

the luscious food enjoys to eat!

Give up one set of the two rules he holds,

The bitter one for the others ,but for

himself he implies the s w e e t!

Give up his partiality toward winning  and defeat?

Build for himself a mansion ,but refuses

his brother to own even a shaky suite!

Give up pride ,falsehood and with

Kindness the others treat?

Stop burning the wheat and the weed,

it is wise to separate the two

before igniting the heat.

Give up gossip,critique and adoring the power seat?

To stand up for justice ,fairness ,not like a coward  retreat?
Give up ugly swearing ,malediction the bad sleet.

Can man stop destroying the beauty of life with his ,

carelessness , selfishness ,poisonous interests ?

Can he accept reasoning ?

C a n    he    h e e d …?


( He who believes in the prince of light,owns a diamond ,he will never trades it for a rock….Jalal Michael Sabbagh)

Lady Enchantment ! Arabian Cabaret .



=========The events happened in the fascinating island of pearls ,the monarchy of the powerful caliph Shahramar who lives in his grand castle which was build on the top of the only hill in the island.The caliph over looks what happens in the island from the many windows of his palace.in the center of the island there is an open Bazaar next to it the magnificent cabaret stands.The cabaret is shaped like a huge Arabian tent surrounded with date palm trees . the front of the cabaret is decorated with Zanobia’s portraits wearing her belly dance costumes ,colorful and seductive.Around the entrance there are belly dancers,African Arabs ,Asians,Indians ,clowns,magicians, acrobats,singers,musicians and circus animals with their trainers ,every one is performing amazing skills.

On the left side of the Cabaret there is a box office selling tickets for the elaborate belly dance show.An endless line of admirers moving step by step .They came from Tashqant, Samarqand,Tanja, Dar Al Salam and from the neighboring islands,even  from the islands of Waq Waq .Sheiks, merchants ,pirates holding sack of gold in their hands to see the charming, the ravishing , the seductive Zanobia the queen of pocket and hearts.


=========Zanobia sitting on her throne behind a Chines red silk curtain of the stage.More than ten gorgeous maid helping her to get ready for her grand show.Zanobia been called many names,the princess ,the pearl of pearls and the Moon which brighten the nights of those who admire her.Zanobia the Arabian Aphrodite.Charmin brunette with long silky black hair.Her attractive eyes can melt even the stoned hearts at the first sight.

Men are her hobby,she captivates their senses,makes them move around her just by the tips of her fingers.Her wishes are their command.At times she dallies them other times she burns their limbs with burning passion and luscious desires.They hope to get close to her, to hold her ,to kiss her, to make love to her before they go broke.Occasionally she delays her appearance on the stage to rekindle their jealousy from one another,because she makes each one of them feels like he is the only one.Heavens have bestowed on herbeauty and glamor beyond wildest imagination.

SCENE THREE:: The sound of the drums begin to resonate in every corner of the Cabaret.The rhythms made every spectator left and right with joy swing.The red curtain opened slowly.Tens of beautiful belly dancers led the way .Sparkling like diamonds,followed by the musicians ,then  Zanobia appeared.The audience erupted like a volcano welcoming her.Shouting praises and hailing her.Zanobia danced as never before,like a Ballerina and singing sensational ballads .She changed her costume four times on the stage ,driving the audience out of their wit and mind.Under her feet ,on the stage they  through gold coins,flowers, colorful scarfs imprinted with their bleeding hearts.

When she finished the show with coquetry she sat on her throne and points at one of the admirers to sit next to her .He had captured her attention and awakened her womanly feelings to spend the night with her.She does this twice a week .Few get lucky ,the rest retreat with broken hearts,suffering the agony of reject.

SCENE FOUR::Zanobia sat on her throne next to her a huge  fortune wheel with small spaces .Every admirer writes his name on a piece of paper and deposit it in one of the numbered spaces.Zanobia had invented this game .When all the spaces are filled ,she gave the signal and the wheel started to turn ,the lucky winner’s prize ,the winner’s prize is spending the whole Friday night with Zanobia.

SCENE  FIVE. (THE CAMELS RACE)  In the center of the island the celebration begins .The crowd moves toward the super Arena where the camels race takes place.There comes Zanobia sitting on her throne been carried by six muscular men .She sits at her distinctive place and gives the signal to start the race.When the race was over ,she was about to leave ,she noticed a handsome knight among the crowd ridding his Arabian horse .She dropped  her veil and she began to run after him .It was love from the first sight.He  captured her heart and mind.He refused to stop ,he didn’t care for her begging and her cries.Her hair covering her face ,she failed more than once “please wait ,l beg you to stop, let me talk to you , give me just a glance”.Zanobia ,who broke  her victims hearts ,became the victim of one of the men .Out of pity the knight stopped to help her stand .He tried to wipe her tears.When he saw her beautiful face and his eyes meet hers he fall in love.He held her in his arms and carried her to her throne.She asked him to sit next to her ,they were holding each others hand.The Caliph with his entourage arrived ,he declared the wedding will take place in his palace the same night.The fansy celebration began. Curtain down the end. Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com


l appreciate every blogger whom l had the pleasure to know through the internet here in America or around the world.

l am honored to had the opportunity to communicate with, through comments,ideas and likes.l felt the modesty,the kindness,the love the sincerity and plain friendship from each one of you.

l wish to thank those who encouraged me ,those who read my thoughts and those who commended me kindly.l wish l can mention every one of you by name ,whom l became friend with.We do feel each others joy and pain,success and failure ,happiness and sadness,frustration and acceptance.

Once again l conclude this post by saying: we are different as nations but we are alike as humans .May the good Shepherd bless every one of you and those who love peace and work for it.Jalal Michael Sabbagh./https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Compromise Is The Key !

She said.” l left my country ,my family,my friends, my childhood ,my memories and followed you.

l sacrificed every thing to be with you ,l adore you l want to be your other self.”

He said.”darling you are my all in the whole world and in the world we build together’

you are my precious love,without you l can’t be.

life would be unlivable, like a deserted garden without flowers,birds or a brook.

l appreciate your sacrifices . But what about mine?

For a better life l took the risk and l took my chances.

l did everything to provide you and the kids with the best

opportunities which l never had in my youth.

l too left everything behind exactly like you did.

You know why l left,l was oppressed ,there was no chance to advance,

Things have changed back there ,you know the truth.”

She said”the changes were so sudden l couldn’t help it,

but to complain and to cry.

He.” trust me honey everything will be okay.


Birthday-Everyday !


l and my wife took a tour to Big Bear Lake to celebrate my birthday which was yesterday.In the bus, sitting across from us a nice lady heard our conversation about the birthday and said commenting on the occasion.”I don’t celebrate my birthday any more ,just to feel older? l don’t know why people still do?. “My lady ,Birthday is a  reminder trying to tell us that a whole year has passed by since our last one.What kind of year was it? What did you achieved of your hopes and dreams? What deeds did you accomplished ?How many friend did you make happy? ,how many you made sad or mad ? Did you tried to mend the gaps?

Birthdays are not by giving gifts.Birthdays are not to spoil your children to harm themselves.Birthday is to remind us of those who helped us to be who we are.We get out of life as much we put in it.Jalal Michael SAbbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

l would like sincerely thank “Nature789-Tj’s” for the award.l am honored and overwhelmed.Thanks the Lord l consider myself very lucky to be among such dedicated and caring Bloggers.l appreciate your friendship through the websites . Your encouragement and your wonderful comments inspire me  to look forward for tomorrow.Every morning l thank God for giving me another day on the face of our fragile world,to reevaluate myself and our existence .I wish every one of you that your dreams come true.

Here are seven things about me:

1- l love tennis  and l cheer for the winner.

2-l love classical music,probably  because I lived in Vienna.

3-l and my wife babysit for our grand kids.,3 times a week.

4-l try not to miss Sunday Mass.

5-My Motto is “if talking is weight with silver ,silence is weight with  gold.”

6-My family is my first priority.

7-I love America for giving me a second chance on life.

With great pleasure l would like to nominate the following 15 Bloggers for the award.

1-Jump for joy. 2-Settled heaven.org 3-Kia Carla 4-Love and love portal 5-Free tag zone 6-Mirrored -self

7-Abra Alani 8- Avante Gardess 9-Angles Block 10-Tales of my heart 11- Shotgun JaneSezz 12-Maria Karavoki

13-A solo Affair 14-Dotta Raphels 15-My 24 space.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you .(https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com E.mail..jmsabbagh86@gmail.com)