To Hurl Rocks ! / Fruitfulness.

When l was in college in Baghdad-Iraq, my best friend came to visit me at the student’s center.His face was pale .Immediately l knew from his features,that he was very upset and sad.

l asked him.” What was wrong”?He began to tell me that many of the fellow students are criticizing him harshly and trying very hard to find false faults with his achievements,for no reason.

My friend was an A+ student, very bright, ambitious and decent.He had won many awards from many academies for his unique poems.He kept asking me,”Why,why,why.”?


Those who are with unstable mentality ,criticize the SUCCESSFUL  out of jealousy,envy and dismay.Because their innermost torturing them for being failures , for their laziness and their ignorance.IGNORANCE  is a deadly Virus,but some people are infested with it.Their ENVIRONMENT is diseased with Hate, Anger,and Revenge.The situation is the same in every Society on Earth.There are those who LOVE, and there are those who hate,there those who Build and there are those who destroy.There those who heal and there are those who wound.
((A person ought to respect and love himself first then to be able to love and respect the others.))((The fruitful will remain fruitful and the fruitless will remain fruitless.jalal Michael Sabbach.

Heart To Heart ! / Love Springs !( We were created to be happy.)

A passage from my book the S I L E N C E .( My thoughts and hopes through the journey of life.)

My words and my thoughts might not enrich the world’s  library or add  a new thing to it’s treasures,but it might hopefully give someone a fresh idea or inspire someone to face his problems ,handle anxiety and welcome new challenges into his life.l hope my words will aid someone to look at matters with optimism,that his life is the greatest gift he owns and he can conquer his fears,hesitation which prevent from advancing to achieve his ambitions.

l hope my words will give that special individual the encouragement for a brighter tomorrow.They might awaken inside some one the urge to exalt,to revive sweet forgotten memories to relive them again.perhaps someone will find the courage to confess to the one he loves ,how much he or she means to him , it might in return brings him  fulfillment before its too late.

l hope my words will give that husband the impulse to admit to his wife that he loves her and appreciate her being with him in his life .They  might give that wife the incentive to open her heart for her husband and embrace him for his sacrifices.l hope these words will become the key that opens those locked heart ,to let love, forgiveness and mercy invade them.Perhaps they will ease the pain , heal the wounds which were caused by a friend or foe.

With humbleness and gratitude l like to dedicate my words to each reader.I wrote them out of love to guide some one to take the next step.My goal is to achieve a small portion of my mission in life,to be able to light a candle where there  is darkness,to saw joy where there is sadness and to help the helpless.Every one of us has a mission in this life if we  search  for it we will definitely  find it. Try to make someone happy so  happiness might be your reward.Try to wipe out the tears of the others so your tears might be wiped out.Try to help a child for a better tomorrow,heavens  will be yours.Try to lend a hand to the aged ,the orphan and  the widow your reward shall be great.I hope my words will help some one to understand the reason  why we were born in a certain place  and time ?Whenever one of these  hopes come true ,l will feel  that l have achieved my objection. God bless America and God bless you.          I.  L.  A.

The Human Body Is The Greatest Phenomena !

Our body is the greatest ,the most mysterious,the most sophisticated world within our wonderful earthly world.Only God the creator of life can create such a marvel.Despite the world’s advancement in science,,medicine and technology ,man has not discovered not  even one percent of how the human body truly function?.Even if we go back to the Egyptian,Chines,Mesopotamia,Greek or the Roman civilization and progress to the present time the world’s knowledge with it’s scientific discoveries , is unable to find the right  answers.,or the answers for the many epidemics which infest the human body.

The human body was,is,and it will remain the greatest enigma in our lives,present and future.Yesterday a close friend fall down ,all his nerve system shut off.He became paralysed from head to toe.He is alive ,but the doctors in the hospital including the nerve specialists, couldn’t diagnose his condition.They are trying very hard to answer the immediate  questions.I hope they will find out what caused this shut off the nerve system.

Science has divided the human body to so many parts,according to it’s organs.There are eye specialists,heart specialists,bone specialists, skin specialists and so on and so on specialists.Even though we have visited the moon and mars,send shuttles to the orbit,plan million satellites in space,invented the computer,and manufactured robots,the human body remains the greatest challenge to the man kind’s intelligence to study and to understand.Many patients ,during the last fifty years died out off mysterious diseases .Doctors didn’t know what those diseases were and what caused them to happen.The doctors named such diseases after the patient’s name.(m. Fawsi was a famous Egyptian singer composer ,he became sick ,the doctors couldn’t help him ,or find out what was wrong with him after many years he died.The doctors named his disease after him,Fawsi’s disease)this case happened in the late 1960 and it is going on since then .Tens of diseases with no name ,When the doctors can’t diagnose a disease they name the disease after the patients name.

Even today man doesn’t know that much about the Marine life or the universe ,not even one percent.I wonder how some people doubt the existence of the creator of life ,God of love and life.l hope whoever reads this,will examine his blessings.God bless America, God bless you .I. L. A.(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success.)

God Is The Greatest Mystery ! / A source For Happy Existence.

There is only one true God ,the creator of life.There is one who loves and there is one who is  loved.God loves everyone of us unconditionally . God is,and will remain the greatest mystery in the human ‘s existence  .Countless books are written ,  countless philosophers , theologians ,miracles validate  this truth that God exist and he himself is existence.

Despite all the proofs , there are those who try to deny the truth.Their problem is much worst than their thoughts.They are unable to provide any evidence for their baseless claim.These sightless  accuse God for their misfortune , natural disasters , famines,diseases, and catastrophic events.Yet they justify genocides and massacres.Denying God’s loftiness,his stupendous dignity,his sublime humility and his humble sublimity ,proves one fact God Is God.

I think if Socrates(469-399 B.C) Plato (427-347 B.C0 and Aristotle 384-322 B.C  who knew the existence of the supreme being , who created created the universe , they would been so happy if they were alive at the time of Christ,because he proved them to be  right. Atheists can argue this fact as long as they want but  they can’t deny it.

Christ ‘s incarnation was,is and it will remain the greatest miracle ever.2000 years ago he lived  among us ,he performed many marvels and spoke profound truth.Many departed the world knowing the Redeemer. Many did not.The truth remains victorious.Christ said.” earth and heaven will dissolve, but my words are eternal,many prophets and heralds will come after me ,don’t believe them or follow them.”

For the last 2015 years  the human race has witnessed many false prophets.Many scientific theories  (BIG BANG) and many thinkers like C.Darwin tried  to deceive  the naive and they did.

(He who Knows  in Christ owns  the most precious diamond , he will never trades it for a piece of a rock.Jalal Michael sabbach- your success is  my success.)