THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE ! / April 24,1915 will For Ever Reminds The World.

The Ottoman empire (Turkey, today) committed gruesome and savage Genocide. One and a half million Armenians were slaughtered by the barbaric Turkish army in 4/25/1915 because they  were Christians . The whole civilized world then  became blind and deaf  and still is today .Turkey denies that the genocide ever happened .The only country that acknowledged the genocide is France.Other countries don’t want to follow France because they have common interests with Turkey. The USA have the largest military base in Turkey.European counties except France are partners of Turkey.

My parents were survivors of the Armenian Genocide .They witnessed the atrocities which were committed by the savage Turkish army against my people. Today ,the Armenian are erecting a unique memorial for the Genocide in Pasadena ,California .It will be unveiled on 4 / 24/ 2015.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh(ian) -


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