Hello World Of Reasoning ! / My greatest Treasure.

My name is Jalal Michael Sabbagh l was born in Iraq,.l immigrated to the USA in 1971.My parents are survivors of the Armenian genocide.I and millions like me will keep on reminding the world ,what happened to our parents and grand parents.The genocide happened on April24,1915.Turkey insist on denying it.One and a half million Armenian were murdered by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey today)please read my post about the Armenian genocide.

We are different  as Nations ,every nation has it’s  own traditions ,culture and history ,but as human beings we are alike ,we come to this world the same way we bleed the same red blood and we leave this earth the same way.We are born free and we are equal.WE are nothing but  travelers one day this voyage will come to an end.(Love each other) if every one of us believes in this parable,this world of ours will be more liveable and more beautiful.PEACE would  be a reality.Our  children and grand children will have a better tomorrow.

It is very hard to be fair ,but it is very easy to be unfair.

Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in our time, it is a deadly Virus.

A stone falls back on him who throws it up..think before you blame someone.

your success is my success and my success is your success.

Kindness and love can make our world peaceful and more liveable.

The Lord is my greatest treasure.He who knows him owns the most precious diamond.

God bless America the Gracious.God bless you. .( Happiness awaits those who suffer the most…Jalal Michael Sabbagh).https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com )

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